New UL62 Regulation Update

For many years, Quail Electronics has had the mission and purpose to provide our customers with the power cord industry's highest quality products. For over 25 years, our quality control has been unmatched across OEM lines, and we place emphasis on staying current with the newest standards. Recently, UL—the approval body for North American Power Cords—has released new requirements for Universal Wire types. Now, Quail is proud to announce that we are compliant with new UL measure 62, requiring designation of North American wire gauge to match European standards.

UL 62 has the biggest impact on Universal Power Cords, specifically our 3500 series. Universal wire types like on the 3500s are manufactured using materials that conform to both European requirements and American requirements. Because of this, the specifications concerning cross sectional area of the actual copper leads are measured in both metric (mm²) and AWG (American Wire Gauge). UL 62 defines new standards as far as what AWG measurements should match what metric measurements so that collaborating products across international markets is easier for project managers, and more beneficial for consumers.

The new standard UL 62 simply requires that cross sectional ratings of North American wire gauges (mm² size) meet the minimum standard for International wire types. For example, since wire at size 1.0 mm² is slightly larger than 18 AWG, the new designation will be 17 AWG. The new and updated standard now follows these guidelines:

American Wire Gauge

International Size (mm²)

UL Amp Rating

International Amp Rating













As always, our friendly staff is standing by to assist you with any of your Universal Power Cord orders. Should you have any questions about how this new standard might affect your product line, please feel free to reach us at (800) 669-8090. We are always happy to bring you the premium power cords you expect from the #1 OEM cable source!

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