New Tool Tower for CAPTO Tooling

Huot's Tool Tower is now available for CAPTO® tooling. The tower is specially fabricated to hold C5 CAPTO tooling. It comes with specially molded, nylon insert rings designed to securely fit CAPTO tooling. The inserts protect the CAPTO tooling from damage and nicks when taking tooling in and out of storage. The 3 foot high tower provides cost-effective, free-standing storage at the machining center or in the tool crib. Equipped with 3 adjustable height shelves, the tool tower holds up to 72 tools in a very compact area where space can be at a premium.

Like Huot's Tool Towers for HSK and CNC V-flange tooling, an optional stacking kit allows the 3 foot units to stack and form a 6 foot tower This allows storage for up to 144 tools in the same footprint. Optional tool lock trays can be mounted on either side panel for end storage and staging.

Weighing in at a hefty 65 pounds, the tool tower is fabricated from heavy, 16 gage steel. It is constructed with interlocking shelves and full length, protective side panels. The tower's heavy duty construction provides the extra durability required for long term use without sagging or having shelves collapse and break. Huot CAPTO Tool Towers receive a baked on, electrostatic powder coat finish for long term resistance to scratches and corrosion.

Company Description:
Huot Manufacturing is located at 550 North Wheeler Street in St. Paul, Minnesota 55104. The company manufactures and markets cutting tool storage cabinets, dispensers, and tool carts for a variety of tooling including drills, taps, inserts, CNC V-flange and HSK tooling.

Additional information about Huot Manufacturing can be found at:

Phone: (800) 832-3838

Company Contact:
John Huot
Huot Manufacturing: (651) 646-1869

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