New Sustainable PET Container Designed to Help LiDestri Foods' Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce Fly on the Production Line and Off the Shelf

This marks the first commercial application of Constar's wide-mouth, hot-fill PET containers with Vertical Compensation Technology(TM)

PHILADELPHIA, - Life is full of trade offs. To get one thing, you often have to give up something else. You want fuel efficiency, you get a smaller car. You want dessert, you skip the appetizer. But in the case of LiDestri Foods and the conversion of its Francesco Rinaldi brand of pasta sauces to a new PET container from Constar International Inc., the company didn't give up anything. Instead, they gained a unique branded design, a consumer friendly package, significant production efficiencies and a lighter PET package.

Who needs trade offs?

Constar is supplying LiDestri Foods, a leading U.S. producer/co-packer of pasta sauce, salsas and other jar foods, with a custom-designed, 45-ounce, hot-filled, monolayer PET plastic jar for Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauces. A stock version of the jar also is available for private label pasta sauces.

Consumers looking for pasta sauce at the local supermarket will find it difficult to resist the new look of Francesco Rinaldi. Ringing the shoulder of the jar is a continuous circle of plump tomatoes, made even more lifelike by the ruby-red tomato sauce inside the clear PET jar. Constar created the iconic detailing-a tribute to LiDestri Foods' 50-year history in the food industry-using its CONSTruct(TM) advanced predictive engineering software, which accelerates the development of high performance, lightweight custom packaging.

The improved brand experience continues with the package's rigid in-hand feel, something consumers don't always expect from plastic packaging. This is achieved using Constar's Vertical Compensation Technology(TM) (VCT(TM)), an innovative "ribbed" geometry that eliminates the need for vacuum panels. The VCT technology provided a number of benefits in the 45-ounce format, compared to the existing PET jar with side grips that it replaced. The first benefit was a weight reduction of about eight grams, or about 15 percent. The second was top load-even at a reduced weight, Constar's bottle exhibited improved top load.

Constar Marketing Director Alex Fioravanti says that while PET containers have been used to package hot-filled products before, VCT technology provides a superior solution for improved performance in production. "PET containers with VCT have improved rigidity and symmetry which accelerate the labeling process. The round design facilitates high-speed label application when compared to more complex grip designs, a factor that was demonstrated on LiDestri Foods' production line."

Giovanni (John) LiDestri, President & CEO for LiDestri Foods concurs. "Our previous package was a challenge to run due to labeling complexities. This slowed our lines, which reduced output. And when you are as busy as we are, speed is not only desirable, it is absolutely necessary. The VCT design is symmetrical, the labels go on cleanly and without distortion so there are fewer line stoppages and reduced spoilage from misapplied labels. The new package has given us a more stable, predictable labeling process that has improved line speeds by 25 percent.

LiDestri Foods also enjoys the benefit of providing retailers and consumers with a highly sustainable package. The new Francesco Rinaldi wide-mouth, hot-fill jars are made from PET, a highly recyclable plastic. Accepted by curbside recycling programs, PET jars can be recycled into a host of new products such as packaging, sleeping bags, clothing, and now even tires.

Constar's wide-mouth, hot-filled PET containers with VCT technology are available in stock and custom designs, with the option of incorporating DiamondClear® oxygen-scavenging technology to provide up to 24 months of shelf life.

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