New Products to Optimize How You Use Vacuum

Check out the latest products to help your process!

Lead times have been affecting everyone this year. Over at DigiVac we want to Reduce your stress! Check out our selection of wide range vacuum products below that can offer replacements for those that can't come soon enough.

Can't find what your looking for? Contact US! We are experts for one of kind solutions made to automate and optimize your processes and laboratories!

  • EXACT Cart: Mobile Calibration Station that goes down to 10 ^(-6), and is fully customizable to your system needs. 
    • Great alternative for those looking to upgrade to vacuum carts using what you already have or wanting a complete upgrade
    • Solution for those who want to automate their calibration process
  • DigiVac Python Driver that is user customizable and reflects the entire vacuum system and which part of the system is engaged presently, Did we mention its free?!?! 
  • Leak detection solutions - Have you seen our YouTube video on human suction replication for leak testing ? Watch here!
  • Mass Flow controller solution
  • Improving the imagery of Electron microscopy
  • Automating Vacuum control with the SNAP: recipe controlled
  • Vacuum gauging with the Bullseye, DASH (CM & high vacuum) and Piezo (rough vacuum)
  • AtOMS: Thin film optical monitoring like no other- no seriously, check out those specs!!
  • StrataCapture: Free data logging software to monitor your vacuum system from anywhere and supports documentation of process runs for record keeping purposes​

Quantum Sensors: Capacitance Piezo for gas independent 0.01 to 1000 torr vacuum measurement (great alternative for a 10 torr CM) or the TriSens that combines Pirani and Capacitance Piezo for vacuum measurement from 1000 torr down to 7.5x10^(-6) Torr. ALL IN STOCK! A great alternative to longer lead time Capacitance Manometers.

Want more information on the other ways our technology can help your process? Check out our YouTube Channel here! & visit our Website here!

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