New POP NUT(TM) Blind Rivet Nuts and Tools Give Customers Additional Options for Installing Threads in Thin Wall Applications.

The world leader in blind rivet technology has expanded its product line to include blind rivet nuts and a new line of tools featuring unique ergonomic designs and SmartSet® process monitoring technology.

(Shelton, Connecticut) Emhart Teknologies has announced the launch of a new product line: POP NUT steel blind rivet nuts and installation systems. Designed specifically for providing threads in thin wall applications such as sheet metal, tubing or sheet plastic, the POP NUT product line includes TK Thin head, knurled body, TL Flat head knurled body, TH Flat head Hex body and ST Flat head round body rivet nuts. All of the new blind rivet nuts can be installed in thin walled materials utilizing existing "spin-spin" tools or with Emhart's new line of advanced spin-pull to stroke POP NUT installation tools.

According to POP NUT Product Manager, Joaquin Sanchez," The POP NUT product line is an important addition to our line of blind fasteners. Now our customers have a single source for high quality blind rivets and blind rivet nuts world wide."
Most POP NUT blind rivet nuts are available in both inch and metric thread sizes. TK POP NUT and TH POP NUT Inch sizes range from 6-32" to 3/8-16 and Metric sizes range from M4 through M10. TL POP NUTs are available up to ½-13 and M12, while ST POP NUTS are available in Inch only from ¼-20 to 3/8-16. Tel:: (203) 924-9341 50 Shelton Technology Center Fax: (203) 925-4481 Shelton, CT 06484

The POP NUT manual hand tools have been designed to reduce the force needed to install the POP NUT and also feature quick change mandrel systems for thread size change over. The Pneumatic POP NUT Power tools feature a unique visual stroke setting gage, auto spin on, single trigger automatic pull and reverse as well as a unique quick change, long lasting mandrel system.

Power assisted installation systems are also available with SmartSet® integrated process monitoring. These lightweight, pneumatic "spin-pull to pressure" installation tools link to a digital controller that "reads" the force/time curve of installing the POP NUT blind rivet nut. The controller will count correct installations and signal through a light or sound warning system if an operator or application default error is detected. Correct installation and fault occurrence data can be uploaded or automatically fed into a computer system for analysis. Requiring only a ¼ inch air line and a single shielded wire to connect the tool to the controller, the SmartSet design also makes the tool completely flexible and ergonomic.

For fully automated operation, Emhart Teknologies has developed a POP NUT automation tool that can be provided as either a pick and place module or a fully automated self feeding model that can be adapted to a stationary application or attached to a robot arm. This "spin pull to pressure" tool includes inputs and outputs for complete control of all tool functions and features a quick release long lasting mandrel system. Emhart Technologies can provide full service engineering and design including boosters, controllers, feeders etc. or can provide the tool alone to a systems integrator to select their own support equipment.

Mr. Sanchez adds, "The combination of POP NUT blind rivet nuts with a full line of hand, power assisted and fully automatic installation tools eliminates uncertainty for the customers by giving the customer a single source responsibility for everything." Tel:: (203) 924-9341 50 Shelton Technology Center Fax: (203) 925-4481 Shelton, CT 06484

About Emhart Fastening Teknologies. Headquartered in New Haven, Conn., Emhart Teknologies is the global leader in the design and creation of unique assembly technologies, from concept through installation. Emhart's technology-based assembly products and systems are designed to deliver innovative, integrated system solutions to virtually any manufacturing challenge anywhere in the world. From automotive to construction, from computer to appliances, Emhart products and systems are distributed and sold in more than 100 countries. A Black & Decker Company, Emhart has 3,000 employees within 24 operating facilities worldwide. For more information or a product video demonstration please go to*

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