New NSR-1000 Series from Sony

25th February, 2009

Back in 1946, Sony was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, although at this point in time it was called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Company). Ibuka and Morita started to earn money in post war Japan by making small numbers of voltmeters and repairing radios. The first electrical invention produced by the pair was an automatic rice cooker, and more innovations soon followed. Ibuka and Morita realised that there was potential for innovation in electrical goods all over the globe. The first Sony brnaded product was the TR-55 transistor radio in 1955, although the company was not officially named the Sony Corporation until 1958. Today, Sony is a household name and manufactures a range of electrical goods for homes and professional environments, from Blu-Ray DVD players to security systems.

Sony Professional Solutions Europe has recently introduced a new security solution - the NSR-1000 series. All three of the Sony network surveillance servers allow for the combined use of analogue and IP-based cameras. The NSR-1050H system can support up to 20 cameras and has an integrated Analogue Encoder board (NSBK-A16) which can process data from up to 16 analogue cameras. The next model up is the NSR-1100 which can store up to 1000 GB and can support up to 32 cameras. The NSR-1200 servers are for 64 IP video data streams of up to 2000 GB.

The servers are versatile enough to be able to process data from cameras made by other manufacturers. As well as 2 RGB interfaces, the network surveillance servers come equipped with 2 HDMI interfaces to allow high resolution images. This is essential to an efficient security system as it enables images of faces and license plates to be captured in great detail.

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