New Mini 1 Catalog

Lexair proudly unveils our completely new Mini 1 Valve Series catalog. The new catalog LX-530 combines the two previously existing catalogs (LX-500 and LX-525) into one highly updated piece of sales/reference literature.

Highlights of the new catalog include:
o Complete drawings for all models
o A color "cut-away" view of the spool area
o More specification information than before
o Application information
o Easy to use model number charts
o A repair kits and parts information page

These ¼" NPT pneumatic valves boast a Cv capacity of 1.0 to pack a lot of punch in a small package (basic envelope is 1 inch thick and 2 inches wide). The lineup includes manual, mechanical, solenoid and air pilot versions. Most models are offered in either a three port 3-Way or five port 4-Way version. Working pressures are from vacuum through 150 PSI and the balanced spool design assures that this series can be used as a selector, diverter, in dual pressure service as well as in many other non-standard plumbing applications.

Lexair offers excellent delivery for these units which can typically be shipped in 1 - 2 weeks after receipt of an order (depending upon quantity required).

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