New Medical Imaging Standard Covers Measurement of Radiofrequency Coil Surface Temperature

ROSSLYN, Va., December 18, 2019—The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA MS 14-2019 Characterization of Radiofrequency (RF) Coil Heating in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems. This new Standard measures the radiofrequency coil surface temperature increase induced by the radiofrequency fields in magnetic resonance imaging. Testing methods are provided for detachable RF receive coils, detachable transmit/receive coils, and integrated body coils.

“This Standard provides an MRI-specific methodology for surface temperature measurements that helps to ensure patient safety as required by IEC 60601-1 and other Standards,” said Michael Steckner, Chair of the MR Technical Committee and Senior Manager at Canon Medical Research. “This method is also useful for research groups who build their own coils,” added Dan Spence, Principal Engineer at GE Healthcare-MR.

Those that benefit from this Standard are in the health care industry who work with medical imaging and radiology, as well as the patients receiving magnetic resonance imaging.

NEMA MS 14-2019 is available as an electronic download at no cost on the NEMA website.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) represents nearly 325 electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers that make safe, reliable, and efficient products and systems. Our combined industries account for 370,000 American jobs in more than 6,100 facilities covering every state. These industries produce $124 billion in shipments and $42 billion in exports of electrical equipment and medical imaging technologies per year.

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