New Maintenance Programs Keep Boilers Running Efficient and Green

Steam Boiler Efficiency Leader Offers a Range of Programs that Help to Save Energy Costs, Reduce Wear-and-Tear, and Extend Boiler Life

NEW YORK, November 2, 2009 - Miura Boiler, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient, eco-friendly industrial steam boilers, now offers expanded Miura Maintenance Program options for Miura boiler owners. Each option is designed to keep Miura steam boilers running efficient and "green," saving on energy costs and extending the life of the boiler. Maintenance options can include monthly analysis and reports, Miura's BOILERMATE® water-treatment chemicals, and a guarantee against rust/corrosion in the Pressure Vessel and Economizer.

A well-maintained Miura boiler provides the highest efficiency throughout the life of the system and protects this important investment, while saving money, conserving natural resources, and maximizing "green-technology" benefits.

"Regular maintenance and inspection is important for ensuring peak performance, efficiency, and long life for steam boilers," explains Tom Yabuuchi, President of Miura North America, Inc. "Now, Miura Boiler customers can choose a Maintenance program that's just right for them. Two of these programs even include Miura's new BOILERMATE water-treatment chemicals, the main ingredient of which is Silicate, an environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor."

Miura Boiler's four program options include: the MMC (Miura Maintenance Contract); MMIP (Miura Maintenance Inspection Program); MMRC (Miura Maintenance Representative Contract); and MMRP (Miura Maintenance Representative Inspection Program). Miura customers can choose to participate in a Maintenance program through their local area dealer/representatives. North American customers without local dealers/reps in their area can contact Miura Boiler directly.

Some of the many benefits of Miura Maintenance programs include:

o Miura Boiler's Guarantee - Covers most parts and labor costs (use of BOILERMATE® in MMC and MMRC programs also guarantees the Pressure Vessel and Economizer against corrosion).

o Monthly Water-Analysis and Reports - Customers mail a small water sample to Miura each month and receive a thorough monthly report via email, avoiding expensive on-site maintenance costs.

o Miura's BOILERMATE® Water Treatment - Customers selecting the MMC or MMRC Maintenance Programs also receive Miura's eco-friendly water-treatment chemical BOILERMATE®, a proven product that has been in use in Japan for many years that has now come to North America. BOILERMATE® reduces the need to heat feed water, which usually eliminates the need for an expensive Deaerator. This advantage saves money on expensive equipment "extras" while also reducing energy costs and conserving resources. The main ingredient in BOILERMATE® is Silicate, a naturally occurring, environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor that provides the ideal water treatment for Miura's once-through boilers.

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