NEW LEADQuick(TM) Lead in Soil Test Kit

A new kit for testing lead levels in soil

Monday, January 26, 2008

Lead exposure can cause serious health problems. When lead is absorbed into the body, it can cause brain damage and harm other vital organs. It's common to find 15 to 40 parts per million (PPM) Lead in soil, which can also be expressed as milligrams per kilogram of lead (mg/kg). Soil lead levels can increase to several thousand mg/kg as a result of contamination by lead in urban areas due to weathering, scraping, sanding, sand-blasting, or demolition of structures bearing lead-based paint. Because lead persists in the soil for hundreds of years, past sources include leaded gasoline, and orchard insecticide such as lead arsenate. Soil lead becomes a health risk when directly ingested or breathed as dust. Lead poisoning is a particular concern for young children because their play habits tend to maximize exposure and their body is very sensitive to the effects of lead.

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce our new LeadQUICK(TM) Lead in Soil Test Kit (488376). It's a reliable, on-site kit using our LeadQUICK(TM) Lead in Water Test Kit. The procedure developed at our lab to measure Lead in soil is done by a quick 5 minute extract solution of 0.15 grams of soil, which extracts greater then 60% of the total soil Lead. Because lead levels higher than 1000 mg/kg are legally hazardous and our new 5 minute Lead Test kit can detect 0.03 ug; therefore, the extraction solution can be diluted 10,000 fold, which dilutes out all interferences, and still has sensitivity for Lead detection necessary for soil Lead testing. The kit includes a Hach® LeadTrak(TM) Pocket Colorimeter(TM) II and 25 tests for $449.99. For more information, please contact us at 1-800-861-9712 or

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