New Heat Shrink Markers and Compact Thermal Printing Machine Solution

RICHMOND, VA (March 31, 2009) -Weidmuller is pleased to announce the release of TwinMark, a new heat shrink marker, and the THM-Plus Thermal printer for shrink markers and labels. TwinMark markers are ideal for use in applications with little room for wire marking, such as inside the housing of a rectangular connector. The 20lb THM-Plus Thermal printer is made specifically for use with the heat shrink markers and labels, and is compact enough to be used on a desk or table.

TwinMark wire markers are made from a flexible, heat-shrinking polyolefin material that provides secure and adjusted seating on the wire. In addition to the standard polyolefin material, TwinMark markers are also available in halogen-free polyolefin. Both the halogen-free and standard versions are printable on both sides and come in 1" and 2" widths to fit wire and cables from 20 to 4/0 AWG. As an added convenience, the paper holding the markers in place during printing separates easily from the marker and can be used as a printable project field when a wax/resin ribbon is used for printing.

Halogen-free TwinMark markers are yellow and supplied on large reels of up to 10,000 markers, making them ideal for use in industries requiring a high volume, such as the machine tool, transportation or shipbuilding industries. Standard TwinMark markers are available in yellow or white, and supplied in smaller boxed quantities of 500 to 1000 markers for small to medium usage. Standard markers are packaged in a fanfold configuration, allowing the user to fold printed markers in convenient packages for marking in specific areas of a project. A thermal printer and a hot air blower are required for use with both halogen-free and standard shrink wrap markers.

From calibrating, replacing ribbons, and inserting labels the THM-Plus Thermal printer is easy to use. It can print indelible images on labels as quickly as 5.8 inches" per second at 300dpi. The printer should be used in conjunction with Weidmuller's M-Print® Pro software, which provides optimal printing on both halogen-free and standard TwinMark heat shrinkable markers. The resolution and the firmware combine to ensure that the printed results will be clear and easy to read.

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