New Environmentally Friendly Pressroom Automation Equipment

An increasing concern for the environment has prompted many companies to search for better options when it comes to manufacturing. They want cleaner, safer and more cost efficient replacements without sacrificing quality. Over the past several years Atlas Technologies, LLC in Fenton, MI has been focusing on just that. Hearing the demand for “greener” solutions from parts manufacturers, Atlas now offers a “New Environmentally Friendly” Spray Oiler System for blank material processing.

In 2014, the debut of the “GEN II Flex Spray Oiler” system was announced to the industry. This dramatic innovation over current spray oiler applications is revolutionary, offering a unique spray nozzle design that is cleaner, safer and “greener”. Previous spray oiler application methods use air atomizing technology that is messy, producing excessive lubricant waste into the air and production areas, creating an unsafe environment.

Atlas’ GEN II Flex Oiler provides a spray nozzle application called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). This technique is precise and repeatable putting the oil on the blank, not in the air, minimizing lubricant overspray. A secondary mist collection is not required in most applications resulting in a cleaner and safer pressroom area. Significant cost savings have been reported due to decreased fluid usage and the absence of compressed air usage.

The PWM design offers dial in application rates over a broad range while still utilizing the same fluid pressure, nozzle spacing and orifice size. Results indicate an improved fluid transfer rate of 90% PWM verses 50% for air atomized nozzles. This versatile and precise application method results in cost efficiencies in fluid consumption and aspiration maintenance. The GEN II Flex Spray Oiler is an “environmentally friendly” solution providing energy savings and cost reductions from the moment the system is installed.

Atlas also designed an “environmentally friendly” wash system, called the “GEN II Flex Clean Blank and Coil Washer. This revolutionary “dry wash” system has proven to be a “greener” option to traditional oil and water based blank washing systems. The elimination of waste from changing messy fluid filters and the replacements of cleaning rolls and cartridges, make the GEN II Clean Washer cost efficient and environmentally conscious. This unique linear brush technology is configured to provide constant wiping pressure on both sides of the blank ensuring a clean, unmarked product. The lubricant free application will decrease maintenance protocols and in turn, reduce time spent and energy costs. The two product designs can be integrated into one compact unit, offering an “environmentally friendly” blank washer and oiler system.

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Information submitted by Diane Calleja, Marketing Coordinator, on behalf of Atlas Technologies April, 2016.


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