New Corrosion Control Program Targets Modern Manufacturing

According to the United States Government Accountability Office in 2011 "Corrosion destroys equipment, decreasing readiness and reliability while causing safety hazards and increasing maintenance and other ownership costs. The Department of Defense (DoD) estimates corrosion costs the department over $23 billion annually."

With that in mind, Liberty Intercept offers a newly-implemented Corrosion Control Program designed to help manufacturers examine multiple areas of their operation with an eye for areas where improvements can be made to increase the quality of their product, as well as providing savings in multiple areas.

The right material chosen within a Corrosion Control Program allows for a streamlined process from parts to assembly. With an advanced or modern CCP manufacturers can yield larger production runs to gain greater efficiencies. These efficiencies can carry over to other departments including quality control and customer service. For example, a cylinder block manufacturer was able to increase pack density by 31% and eliminate oiling and degreasing, and saved 300% on their packaging cost per cylinder block.

Minimizing volume and number of different materials, reducing or eliminating protective oils (and their disposal), reduction of equipment and space required, ability to bulk pack, increased safety for workers and other savings are possible. The most desirable result may be a savings in cost of goods sold as evidenced by the results seen by a well-known engine block manufacturer in saving 1.8 million Euros yearly, reducing the cost of their engine block by 28%. Individual results will vary, as every manufacturing facility contains multiple variables.

Liberty Intercept offers a free consultation service and is committed to using a Total Cost Assessment approach to the packaging and quality of products in multiple areas including, metals, small and large parts, aerospace and defense, automotive, medical devices, optics and more. Contact Liberty Intercept at info @ or call 800-776-5756 for consultation.

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