New Contract Water Jet Cutting Services From TCI Precision Metals

TCI Precision Metals of Gardena, California has added contract water jet cutting services to its extensive metal premachining and machining capabilities.

TCI water jet cutting uses a high pressure solution of water and abrasive to quickly machine complex shapes out of virtually any material with tolerances to +/-.005" on parts as large as 8" x 96" x 144". Ideal for complex shapes, short runs, and production runs, TCI water jet cutting features quick set-up times and minimal tooling requirements. Dual cutting heads machine multiple parts simulataneously to minimize material handling, while tight nesting and common cut lines reduce material costs. In addition, TCI water jet cutting machines without heat to eliminate hard edges, warping, and changes to metallurgical composition.

Along with water jet cutting services, TCI provides double-disc grinding, blanchard grinding, duplex milling, and vertical/horizontal machining. TCI is also a warehouse distributor of Alcoa and Kaiser aluminum.

Additional information may be obtained from John Belzer, TCI Precision Metals, 240 E. Rosecrans Avenue, Gardena, CA 90248, (800) 234-5613, Fax (310) 323-5613,, [email protected]

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