New, Comprehensive, User-Friendly 2007 Master Catalog

Medfield, MA: Vaccon Company introduces its new 370 page, 2007 Master Catalog featuring an extensive section on End-of-Arm Tooling (components and complete solutions) along with six new vacuum pump models, including Multi-port pumps, Inline pumps and Air Saver pumps. Designed to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs, Vaccon's comprehensive line of venturi vacuum pumps, material conveying pumps and air amplifiers provide solutions to a broad range of material handling applications in the robotic, manufacturing, automation, assembly and process control industries.

Focusing on the "wrist-down", Vaccon's new End-of-Arm Tooling product line allows engineers to build their own tool using modular EOAT components or order a complete pre-built solution, fully configured, plumbed and tested like the EOAT built for the Kuka Robot on the front cover.

In addition to new and expanded product lines, each section in Vaccon's catalog provides user-friendly information including exploded product views detailing available options, easy-to-configure part numbering guides, application illustrations, operating instructions and a featured page highlighting Vaccon's modified and custom engineered products and capabilities. To order a catalog, go to

About Vaccon Company:

Established in 1972, Vaccon Company of Medfield, MA manufactures an extensive line of air-powered venturi vacuum pumps and accessories for automation and process control industries. Designed to increase manufacturing productivity while lowering costs, Vaccon vacuum pumps are lightweight, compact and efficient; located close to the work space for fast response time with minimal air consumption. Featuring a straight-through design, Vaccon venturi pumps are reliable and operate trouble free: no moving parts to wear out or clog; no maintenance and no downtime.

In addition to its standard lines, Vaccon is the "Secret Vacuum Source" in custom designed equipment for many large OEM accounts, specialty machine manufacturers, end users and even - its competition.

In 2007, Vaccon introduced its new line of End-of-Arm Tooling components and complete solutions for robotic automation and assembly applications. Using simple erector-set connectivity, designers have the choice to build their own "wrist-down" end-of-arm tool by integrating Vaccon vacuum pumps and EOAT components or let Vaccon engineers design a complete, pre-built EOAT, fully configured, plumbed and tested with one robot-to-EOAT connection for quick and easy, out-of-the-box installation.

Serving the Appliance, Packaging, Electronics, Printing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Food Processing, Chemical, Medical, Laboratory, Robotics, Machine Automation, Glass, Paper, and Process Control Industries for over 35 years

Exhibiting in Assembly Show - Booth 1822 - Sept 25-27, 2007 - Rosemont, IL

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