New CEM AC2000 Airport Edition Software Further Enhances Airport Security and Operations


CEM Systems, a leading brand of Tyco Internationaltoday announced the release of version 5.0 of its flagship CEM AC2000 AE (Airport Edition) security management system. Significant changes include a new look and feel for the front-end applications, support for the Linux operating system, unlimited airport definable fields and the ability to enrol and manage biometric iris templates via the access system.

The CEM AC2000 AE system is specifically designed for airports and provides advanced access control and a highly reliable security management solution. In addition to supporting advanced CEM card readers with on-board databases and airport-specific door modes, the system also offers a host of features that help airport management operate their facilities more efficiently. These key features include check-in desk enabling, passenger segregation, air bridge monitoring, taxi management and much more.

"This release marks our commitment to continually develop the CEM AC2000 AE system as a leading airport-specific access control solution", commented Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director of Tyco Fire & Security's CEM products. "With over 20 years working in consultation with our airport clients, we have developed the system to comply with legislative changes and requirements in the aviation industry, making it one of the most comprehensive access control solutions available for airports today. With over 80% of UK airports and many other airports worldwide using our system, we are confident that the new version will maintain CEM's position as a leading provider of airport-specific access control solutions," Fulton continued.

There are a host of new features available with AC2000 AE v5.0 including:

o New "look and feel" to front-end applications. The new generation software for CEM AC2000 AE offers a contemporary new look and feel for front-end operator workstations running under Windows XP.

o Ability to enrol and manage biometric iris templates directly from the AC2000 AE system. Iris templates can be captured via the AC2000 AE enrolment station while the cardholder details are entered. Instead of using third party biometric equipment and software, templates can be stored directly on the AC2000 AE server and distributed to CEM devices at control points via the network. This eliminates the need for two separate networks and enrolment processes as well as providing streamlined management of large numbers of templates or biometric points.

o Ability to run on the Fedora@ Linux operating system as well the existing SCO UNIX platform, making the system more affordable for smaller airports. A Linux server offers similar benefits to UNIX, such as reliability and flexibility, but at a lower cost.

o Airport-specific application screens such as Holders, Authorisers, Airport Utilities, designed to fit with the operations and procedures within the airport.

o Airport-specific user fields: IATA Code, Airport References, Authorisers, Quota's

o Unlimited airport-definable fields. Each airport's system can be configured to capture data that is appropriate and relevant.

o Invoice reporting & automatic report scheduler. Schedule reports to run automatically for purposes such as throughput and invoicing.

o Airport Visitor Management. Manage, trace and record visitor access control throughout airports.

There are many additional features that have been incorporated into the latest version that add power and convenience for airport ID centres. Among these are increased capacity to support up to 176 workstation clients, an improved ID badge design application, improved security logon and much more.

About Tyco's CEM Systems access control technologies

CEM Systems is an access control technology by Tyco International, an $18 billion business comprised of some of the world's leading security brands, including access control and video solutions designed to exactly match the requirements of your business.

The CEM brand of access control provides highly advanced security management solutions which include integrated access control, ID badging, alarm monitoring, people counting systems and the industry's most advanced and flexible range of card readers. Powerful integration with American Dynamics Intellex' digital video management systems provides a complete video and access control solution that is unmatched in the security industry.

From a small facility using the highly innovative webEntry Pro, to a large multi-site facility with tens of thousands of users enrolled in the sophisticated AC2000 access control system, CEM branded products provide a solution to meet even the most complex needs. Highly regarded in airports as the security solution of choice, each CEM system can be customized to specifically fit the needs of each individual customer, ensuring a powerful, highly tailored level of protection that simply cannot be matched in the industry.

With integration platforms unrivaled in the industry, our solutions work seamlessly together as well as with other Tyco products such as SimplexGrinnell's fire systems and DSC's intrusion panels.

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