New AZOTE® Brochure and Free CD-ROM Demonstrate Benefits of Using Closed-Cell Foam Packaging

Walton, KY - Zotefoams Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of cross-linked block foams, in an attempt to further educate its client base to the benefits of its industry-leading packaging products, has developed a new six-page color brochure that highlights how its AZOTE® line of closed-cell foam packaging can best be used in protective-packaging applications.

Of particular interest to packaging designers is the free CD-ROM that is included in the brochure. This CD incorporates technical details and points out the most important aspects to consider when designing a foam-packaging solution. The brochure and CD aim to provide packaging designers with a rapid and flexible approach to cushion-packaging design by enabling the user to predict performance and design parameters for AZOTE polyolefin foam cushion systems over a wide range of conditions and handling situations. As an added bonus, anyone requesting a copy of the new brochure and free CD-ROM will also receive a JAVA-based interactive foam cushioning calculator, which is a cushion-packaging program that will calculate the specific foam dimensions that are required to protect individual items.

AZOTE polyolefin foams from Zotefoams are capable of being used in a wide variety of packaging applications where optimum protection and durability are overriding considerations. AZOTE foams are easily fabricated and thermoformed and their lack of in-built stress enables converters to operate with optimum efficiency. The foams have an exceptionally wide operating temperature range and exhibit excellent chemical and water resistance. The outstanding cushioning performance of AZOTE closed-cell foams lets packaging designers and engineers achieve their product-protection objectives while using a smaller volume of foam, thereby allowing them to use a smaller overall pack and reduce expensive freight and transportation charges. Finally, since AZOTE foams are cross-linked, they are highly durable, allowing much of the world's Return Transit Packaging to confidently depend on the properties and performance afforded by the AZOTE line of packaging materials.

For more information, please contact Chris Gooding at (859) 647-5554 or e-mail

Zotefoams Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zotefoams plc (LSE: ZTF). Zotefoams is the premier manufacturer of cross-linked block foams. Its products are used in a wide range of markets including sports and leisure, packaging, transport, healthcare, toys, building, marine and the military. Through a unique production process, the Company produces foams that have controlled properties and are of a strength, consistency, quality and purity superior to foams produced by other methods. Zotefoams Inc. is responsible for product sales to the United States, Canada and Mexico. Zotefoams products include a wide range of foam densities, sizes, and physical properties. They also include fire retardant, conductive, and food contact approved foams. For more information, please go to

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