Network Instruments GigaStor: First RNA Device Certified to Save Full-Duplex 10 Gb Traffic to Disk at Line Rate

Tolly Group Certified GigaStor 10 Gb Wire Speed Monitors High-Throughput Network Performance Without Dropped Packets

MINNEAPOLIS, March 24, 2011 -- Network Instruments®, a worldwide leader in network and application management, today announced its GigaStor(TM) 10 Gb Wire Speed (WS) appliance is the first independently-verified retrospective network analysis (RNA) device capable of saving traffic to disk at full line rate on full-duplex 10 Gb links.

"For larger companies managing saturated 10 Gb links, analysis solutions like the GigaStor 10 Gb WS are a necessity to ensure monitoring accuracy and verify performance of high-throughput networks," said Jim Frey, managing research director of Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). "Having the appliance's performance certified by a reputable testing agency, network teams can be assured that nothing will traverse their network without being captured for playback and analysis."

Extensive performance evaluation by the network equipment testing firm Tolly Group confirmed the GigaStor 10 Gb WS captured and wrote to disk at line-rate, bidirectional 10 Gb network traffic with zero frame loss.

"Connected to a traffic generator, GigaStor handled wire-speed traffic of varying packet sizes across a 10 Gb, full-duplex network connection for multiple hours," said John Tolly, research engineer for the Tolly Group. "During this test we generated two separate streams, totaling 20 Gbps of sustained traffic, and confirmed the system captured and saved to disk without packet loss."

The GigaStor 10 Gb WS is purpose-built to help transaction-heavy enterprises validate and manage the delivery and performance of critical applications in the data center. The appliance stores 192 TB and features Network Instruments' internally-designed and manufactured Gen2 capture card technology optimized for 10 Gb analysis.

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