NetSuite ERP Cloud Platform Attracts World's Leading Developers

NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network Signs New Partners and Existing Partners Build New SuiteApps

Host of Top Developers Offer Innovative Solutions for SuiteCloud Platform, Gaining Access to New Markets, Expanding NetSuite Cloud Eco-System for Customers

SAN MATEO, Calif., May 12, 2011 - NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced new commercial software developers to join the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) and a number of new SuiteApps built using the NetSuite cloud platform. These companies are among the world's leading innovators in social media, Ecommerce, and vertical-specific solutions, and strengthen the already extensive roster of independent software developers (ISVs) now supporting the NetSuite's cloud. SDN partners were represented in force at SuiteWorld 2011, the company's flagship user conference for customers, partners, and developers taking place May 8-12, in San Francisco. For more information about the SuiteCloud Developer Network, please visit

The NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network is a dedicated, end-to-end program geared toward developers who build specialized and complimentary solutions to extend the NetSuite platform. NetSuite provides end-to-end tools and support ISVs need to succeed, including comprehensive technical services, product management collaboration, and extensive co-marketing and lead generation programs.

"The SuiteCloud Developer Network is growing by leaps and bounds because NetSuite offers the best cloud platform for developers to build robust vertical applications," said Zach Nelson, NetSuite CEO. "With these new SDN partners and SuiteApps, NetSuite ensures that all of our users can benefit from the newest innovations from cloud-generation application developers."

Among the ISVs announcing their partnerships with NetSuite and new SuiteApps are:

Vertical Market Solution Developers

  • eBizNET Solutions (, a global provider of supply-chain solutions. The eBizNET Warehouse Management System delivers best-of-breed warehouse management capabilities completely inside NetSuite. The eBizNET SuiteApp can help NetSuite customers reduce costs, drive sales and increase shipping efficiency by optimizing warehouse operations

  • Hubspan (, a leading provider of cloud-scale B2B integration solutions, helping organizations streamline business processes and exchange real-time information across the B2B cloud. The Hubspan SuiteApp lets NetSuite customers extend and optimize their eProcurement and eCommerce order-to-cash business processes across the Hubspan B2B cloud to their customers and partners, which can improve business performance by reducing the time and costs of non-cloud communications.

    CRM, ERP, Ecommerce Developers

  • Pardot (, a leading provider of on-demand marketing automation technology. Pardot software helps marketing departments generate and manage inbound leads, giving them easy tools for creating campaigns while nurturing and assessing leads before passing them to Sales. The Pardot SuiteApp allows sales teams to focus on only the hottest leads, which can result in more meaningful interactions, a shortened sales cycle and revenue growth.

  • Epiphany (, a leading vendor of on-demand business management software for mid-size and large companies. Epiphany's new E-Dispatch solution lets the user assign a technician to a work order, based on skill-set, location and availability, through a simple drag-and-drop interface. The SuiteApp can help NetSuite customers improve profit margins by reducing the time and costs associated with field service, new equipment installation, and other tasks.

  • Valogix (, developers of a leading inventory planning and optimization solution for small and mid-size businesses. Valogix's advanced inventory planning automates the entire inventory planning process from forecasting to replenishment to optimization. The Valogix SuiteApp gives NetSuite customers web-based demand planning and optimization functions that can reduce costs, increase productivity and deliver fast ROI.

  • SuiteCommerce (, an Ecommerce and web software development company. SuiteCommerce extends desktop Ecommerce functions for use with mobile devices. The new SuiteCommerce SuiteApp can help NetSuite customers grow revenues by selling their products online, in mobile devices.

  • Vertical Solutions (, a developer of service management solutions. VServiceManagement, the company's SuiteApp, integrates field service management software with back-end business applications and can help NetSuite customers capture more revenue, strengthen customer relationships and reduce operational costs.

  • Suite Software (, a NetSuite partner specializing in retail and Ecommerce applications. The new SuiteLoyalty solution is reward-program software that lets Ecommerce companies create added value and ongoing incentives for end-customer repeat business from any sales channel. The SuiteApp can help NetSuite users motivate Ecommerce and retail customers with rewards points in order to create greater buying loyalty, and higher revenues for NetSuite-based businesses.

  • Adaptive Planning (, a provider of on-demand business performance management. Adaptive Planning's new Business Performance SuiteApp performs planning, reporting, analysis, budgeting and forecasting. The solution can help NetSuite customers improve business agility, increase revenues and reduce costs through optimized business planning.

  • First Hosted (, a U.K.-based NetSuite solution provider. First Hosted announced two new SuiteApps including FirstPOS, a new point-of-sale management NetSuite application, and Full Contact, a new content management NetSuite application. FirstPOS helps users manage the entire retail process from point of sale to production of management information, and can help NetSuite retail customers increase revenues and margins by boosting efficiency of sales transactions. Full Contact performs automatic caller recognition, remote logging, and other functions for mobile phones, and can help NetSuite customers increase productivity and improve customer service for sales and marketing representatives who use mobile phones.

  • Aria Systems (, a provider of subscription billing and management solutions. The updated Aria-NetSuite Connector SuiteApp enables businesses deploying the NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform with the Aria Subscription Billing Platform to monetize, grow and report their recurring revenues.

    Social Media Developers

  • Qontext (, developers of a leading business social collaboration platform and Gartner's 2011 "Cool Vendor" pick. The Qontext SuiteApp can help NetSuite customers improve business performance by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between different Websites by pinning social collaborations - discussions, documents, videos, blogs, and wikis - right inside the NetSuite user interface where users expect them.

  • Explore Consulting (, a leading professional services company. Explore Consulting's new Facebook Webstore for NetSuite lets Ecommerce vendors create a shop tab on their Facebook Fan Page to showcase products from their online store. The new SuiteApp can help NetSuite customers increase sales by expanding their shopping audiences quickly and inexpensively.

  • Gproxy Design (, a long-time NetSuite partner and NetSuite eCommerce design company, has recently released three new NetSuite applications, led by a Facebook Stores SuiteApp. The new SuiteApp lets merchants use Facebook as a marketplace managed through the NetSuite Ecommerce functionality. Other Gproxy add-ons now include new functionalities such as mini cart and quick view that add to existing functions such as product reviews and rating, wish list, recently viewed, quick order, back in stock, gift registry and image zoom and browser.

  • InsideView ( a provider of social selling and sales intelligence software. InsideView for NetSuite brings customer insights from both traditional data sources and social media directly into NetSuite. The new SuiteApp can help NetSuite customers increase revenues by building relationships with their best prospects, customers, vendors, and distribution partners.

    Business Intelligence Developers

  • myDIALS (, a leading self-service Business Intelligence platform for easy visualization and analysis of performance metrics within the cloud. myDIALS combines pre-defined, best-practice business intelligence modules with advanced, easy to use analytics and quick personalization capabilities so users throughout the enterprise can become productive quickly. The new of version myDIALS for etSuite adds enhanced OneWorld support including multi-currency, new abilities to display and analyze pipeline history and sales forecasts within the NetSuite environment, as well as the ability to link from myDIALS to NetSuite records and transactions.

  • Bellere Consulting (, an Australian system integrator and developer of Forecast-Suite analytics. Forecast-Suite integrates the processes of cash flow monitoring, budgeting and forecasting. The Forecast-Suite SuiteApp lets NetSuite customers extend their built-in functionality to manage forecasts and budget approvals, and maximize cash flow.

  • ERP Guru (, a NetSuite Partner and Solution Developer since 2005. ERP Guru's Google Maps Integration SuiteApp gives users simple and intuitive mapping tools for visualizing data on a global scale. The SuiteApp can help improve graphical trend analysis and reporting - to see trends in local or regional retail sales, for instance - which can help NetSuite customers improve business efficiency and bottom-line revenues.

    Enterprise Automation Developers

  • Nexonia (, developers of a highly advanced expense report and timesheet tracking application. The Nexonia SuiteApp extends expense report functions to include single sign-on and integration with the NetSuite user interface, so NetSuite customers can become more productive and reduce the time and costs associated with expense reporting and management.

  • EchoSign (, a leading Web-based provider of electronic signatures and signature automation. The new EchoSign SuiteApp adds functions including the ability to sign contracts in more than 20 languages, the ability to add contract expiration dates and contract management features to its electronic signature process automation and signature tracking.

  • B2BGateway.Net, a leading global EDI provider. B2B NetConnect extends the range of EDI transactions beyond those possible with conventional EDI connectors. The new SuiteApp helps NetSuite lets customers exchange documents through any standard EDI or communications protocols. Beyond basic EDI file exchanges, B2B NetConnect supports more complex transactions such as customer payments, inventory adjustments, item receipts, and inventory updates.

  • Queplix (, a leader in data virtualization. Queplix Virtual Data Manager automates the process of integrating enterprise applications. The SuiteApp can help NetSuite customers connect to any non-NetSuite enterprise application in a matter of days or even hours. This can cut implementation costs significantly and deliver rapid return on investment (ROI).

    Mobile and Telecom Developers

  • M5 Networks (, the market leader in managed, hosted business Voice-over-IP (VoIP). M5Connect CTI combines business intelligence tools with telephone systems to provide trend analysis and reporting of sales- and customer-call activities. The M5Connect CTI SuiteApp can help NetSuite customers increase productivity by automating phone calling from within CRM and other NetSuite applications, and improve sales and customer service performance by making usage metrics available to management through the NetSuite dashboard.

  • Folio3 (, developers of comprehensive Enterprise and Mobile software development, support, and maintenance solutions. Folio3's NSDroid is an Android-based smartphone SuiteApp that lets sales and marketing professionals search, view and edit customer-contact and other CRM information, and includes Android features like Maps, Email and Calling. The SuiteApp can help NetSuite customers improve margins and revenues by boosting sales mobility and productivity.

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