NEMA leads EV supply equipment harmonization efforts.

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Representatives from NEMA led meeting to discuss standards harmonization requirements for electric vehicle supply equipment systems in North America. During meeting, representatives from UL, CSA, ANCE, and various stakeholders decided to organize 3 ad-hoc work groups of technical experts to review and harmonize requirements of UL and CSA documents by end of August 2011. SDOs will expedite approval of drafts so by end of 2011, harmonized documents will be available for certification purposes.

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NEMA Leads Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Harmonization Efforts

ROSSLYN, Va., - Representatives from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) led a meeting on July 20 to discuss standards harmonization requirements for electric vehicle supply equipment systems (EVSE) in North America.

Michael Mahan, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Section chair said, "Electric vehicle manufacturers are looking for certainty in the design and performance of EV charging systems before they move ahead with large scale production and distribution of EVs across North America."

During the meeting, representatives from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Association of Standardization and Certification (ANCE), and various Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. stakeholders focused on how to rapidly harmonize the following UL standards with CSA Technical Information Letters (TIL):

UL Requirements for EV's

o UL 2231 Personnel Protection Systems for Electric Vehicle (EV) Supply Circuits: Part 1 General Requirements, and Part 2 Particular Requirements for Protective Devices for Use in Charging Systems

o UL 2251 Safety of Plugs, Receptacles and Couplers for Electric Vehicles

o UL 2594 Outline of Investigation for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

CSA Requirements for EV's

o TIL D 33 Interim Certification Requirements for Charging Circuit Interrupting Devices/Line Isolation Monitors rated up to 250v ac for use in Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment

o TIL A 35 Interim Certification Requirements for Electric Vehicle cord sets and power supply cords

o TIL I 44 Interim Certification Requirements for off board charging system equipment for recharging the storage batteries of electric vehicles with inputs and outputs rated 600 V or less.

o TIL A 34 Interim Certification Requirements of Electric Vehicle connectors/couplers and receptacles/plugs for use in a conductive charging system.

The group agreed that there is an urgent need for these standards and decided to immediately organize three ad-hoc working groups of technical experts to review and harmonize the requirements of the UL and CSA documents by the end of August 2011. Once this activity is completed, the SDOs will expedite the approval of the drafts so by the end of 2011, the harmonized documents will be available for certification purposes in all three countries. The success of this effort will depend in large part on having active industry participation.

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