NEC Electronics America Launches 16-bit All Flash Microcontroller Series for Consumer Electronics, Household Appliance and Industrial Systems Markets

78K0R Series delivers industry-leading power/performance ratio

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 27 / -- NEC Electronics America, Inc. today announced a new line of 16-bit All Flash(TM) microcontrollers (MCUs), the 78K0R series, that offers best-in-class low power consumption of 1.8 milliwatts per million instructions per second (mW/MIPS) and six times the power/performance ratio of NEC Electronics' 8-bit 78K0 MCUs.

Consisting of 30 devices in packages with pins ranging from 64 to 100, and flash memory configurations ranging from 64 to 256 kilobytes (KB), the series provides engineers with an extensive variety of design options.

A three-stage pipeline enables high-speed processing and supports performance up to 13 MIPS*, while voltage-control circuits and other CPU features help suppress power consumption to levels approximately half those of comparable 16-bit MCUs. These technology breakthroughs enable customers to develop more complex systems with advanced functionality while still meeting the rigorous requirements for low power consumption.

The series also features power-on reset functions, voltage-detection circuits, on-chip oscillators, calendar timers, and low electromagnetic interference (EMI). The 16-bit 78K0R instruction set includes the 8-bit 78K0 instruction set, enabling the upward compatibility of 78K0 devices with most 78K0R products. With a smooth migration path, customers can reuse existing resources to improve development efficiency even more.

With NEC Electronics' 0.15-micron process technology and embedded flash memory based on SuperFlash® technology from Silicon Storage Technology, Inc., 78K0R series devices are priced competitively with 16-bit mask ROM devices.

NEC Electronics America provides an array of tools to support efficient development of all of its MCUs, including those in the new 16-bit series. The company's tool suite includes on-chip debuggers and the MINICUBE2 debugger/flash programmer combination, as well as a software simulator and Applilet sample code generator program. To further accelerate the development cycle, NEC Electronics America offers its own flash programming services as well as services provided by a number of third-party vendors.

In recent years, consumer electronics products, household appliances and industrial systems traditionally controlled by 8-bit MCUs have grown increasingly sophisticated, making higher performance levels, lower power consumption and competitive pricing of greater concern to manufacturers. NEC Electronics America has introduced the 16-bit 78K0R series to meet the needs of these markets.

More information about NEC Electronics' lineup of all flash MCUs can be found at

Pricing and Availability

Samples of the 16-bit series are expected to be available starting in April 2006 with volume production scheduled to begin in October 2006. Pricing for the 100-pin 78K0R/KG3 MCU with 256 KB of memory is $5 in 1000-lot orders. Combined volume production for the 30 devices in the series is expected to reach one million units per month in fiscal year 2007. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

About NEC Electronics America, Inc.

NEC Electronics America, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Electronics Corporation , a leading provider of semiconductor products encompassing advanced technology solutions for the broadband and communications markets; system solutions for the mobile, PC, automotive and digital consumer markets; and multi-market solutions for a wide range of customer applications. NEC Electronics America offers a local manufacturing facility in Roseville, California, and the global manufacturing capabilities of its parent company. NEC Electronics America is also the marketing and sales channel in the Americas for industrial-type active-matrix LCD modules from NEC Technologies, Ltd., a global leader in innovative display technologies. More information about NEC Electronics America's products can be found at

* Evaluated based on Dhrystone 1.1. One MIPS is equal to one million instruction sets per second.

Source: NEC Electronics Corporation

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