National Carton Invests in New Equipment to Meet Demand

National Carton & Coating Co., a producer of custom printed folding boxes in Xenia, Ohio, has recently purchased a new machine to help accommodate for an increased demand of their manufacturing services. The folding carton industry includes manufacturing a style of packaging that allows for the consumer to see the internal contents but also offers a protective barrier from contamination of external elements. The purpose of windowing machine is to trim polyurethane film from a roll and glue the piece to a portion of the paperboard boxes at very high speeds. To maintain quality there is a very small window of error. The company has a similar machine, which they will retain, but has been limited by throughput causing an increasing portion of the [windowing] business to be sent to an external service provider. The machine was purchased as a re-manufactured piece of equipment from a company in Wisconsin and is expected to make an immediate impact that will allow them to reduce costs and attract new business. Over the past five years National Carton has maintained a steady level of service through the recent economic conditions and is now looking forward to expanding their manufacturing operations with this equipment as a starting point.

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