National Bronze Mfg. Offers Advice on Selecting Wear Liner Alloys

Roseville, MI – National Bronze Mfg. Co., a leading manufacturer of bronze bushings, bearings, and machined components, recently published an informational article designed to assist in the selection of bronze alloys for wear liner products. The article featured on the National Bronze Mfg. Co. Blog, gives product designers valuable tips and guidelines when designing bronze wear liners for various components in rolling mills.

Bronze liners are used on multiple wear surfaces throughout a rolling mill. The ultimate goal of the bronze liners is to assist in keeping the roll center lines at precisely the desired locations. In addition to a high quality end product, use of the proper bronze liners can minimize maintenance costs Michael Russo VP of Business Development describes. "We have a great amount of industry knowledge within our organization. With over 100 years of experience, we feel that this information can be very valuable to a number of people. This is one of the goals of our blog, we want to educate the general public and help them become more successful at their job" Russo states. Many companies use their specialized know how to capture potential customer information. National offers their information with no strings attached. Russo explains "In the end it helps our potential customers make better, more educated decisions, and we feel that an well-educated customer can really understand the value of doing business with us.

The article on Bronze Wear Liners is one of hundreds of informational posts National Bronze Mfg has provided on their website. The various content is free and open to the public, it ranges from technical articles, comparison tools, charts, guides, and case studies. To view the bronze wear liner article, visit the following link:

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