National Allergy Supply Increases Productivity by 80%, Doubles Eton Installation

ALPHARETTA, GA - November 28, 2007 - Eton Systems, the world's leading provider of automated production and materials handling systems for the sewn-product industries, announces that National Allergy Supply, Inc., the nation's largest allergy, asthma, and sinus products supplier, will double the size its Eton implementation in its Cornelia, Georgia (USA) manufacturing facility. After installing its first Eton line just 3 months ago, the producer of healthy bedding mattress and pillow encasings will soon install a second line of 15 Eton workstations.

"Our first Eton installation worked so well that we knew immediately that we wanted more", stated Lee Hardy, general manager and vice president of manufacturing. "In just a few months, we have far exceeded our original expectations by achieving an 80% increase in productivity with Eton. The second line will enable us to incorporate all current production on Eton, as well as provide for expected growth in sales."

About National Allergy Supply

Headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, National Allergy Supply, Inc. markets a wide range of healthy bedding, allergen control, air filtration, asthma treatment, and other personal care products directly to patients based on physician referrals and through specialty retailers. In business for 17 years, the marketing company joined together with its manufacturing business in 2004 to form an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) that made the company's 60+ employees owners in the company. The company is the largest physician referred supplier in this fast-growing market.

About Eton Systems

Eton Systems AB is the innovator and world's leading supplier of the Unit Production System (UPS), the renowned productivity and management system developed specifically for use in the sewn-products industries. Eton's UPS automates material flow through the production process and minimizes material handling for each operation throughout the manufacturing process. Eton's technology and know-how enables companies to manage material and information in the most efficient fashion, including wall-to-wall data management from operations performed within as well as outside of the UPS system.

Headquartered in Sweden, the company operates with direct subsidiaries and agents worldwide. Eton Systems Inc. is based in Alpharetta, GA and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eton Systems AB.

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