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Nathan Trotter Opens New Recycling Division

Press release date: Mar 01, 2014

We are proud to announce the opening of our new recycling division, Tin Technology and Refining. Located just 10 miles from Nathan Trotter, in West Chester, PA, the new 35,000 square foot facility has been geared for the sole purpose of reclaiming and recycling tin and solder drosses, oxides, and other tin-based byproducts.

Please contact Tin Tech so that they can provide you with the best value for your tin scrap.

About Nathan Trotter

Nathan Trotter’s 200-year history of service and reliability has made us a trusted manufacturer and distributor of metals. Our valued customers – including Fortune 500 leaders – look to us with confidence. From procuring metals through our global resources to casting and extruding exact shapes or creating precise alloys, Nathan Trotter and its staff use their metallurgical expertise to meet ever-changing customer demands at the highest level of quality and the lowest cost.

Metal manufacturing and distribution has long been a commodity business, but at Nathan Trotter, our commitment to partnership and our refined processes have turned our business into much more than metal. We have evolved into the largest manufacturer of tin and tin alloys in the US, with new recycling initiatives and enhanced analytical services. We meet more than 1,000 different specifications yearly and are constantly adapting our equipment and developing new producer relationships to anticipate – and exceed – our customers’ expectations.

Tin got us to where we are today, but our customers shape the extensive list of metals and services we now offer. Our relationships will continue to shape Nathan Trotter’s future growth.

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