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Nanotech Demonstrates Most Flexible Diamond Turning System

During SPIE Photonics West 2014 in San Francisco, Nanotech will demonstrate what has become their true "flagship" machining system. The Nanotech 350FG is the most diverse ultra-precision machine available. Starting with a minimum of three ultra- precision axes, it is easily expandable to five axes via optional B & C rotary axes. Typical applications for this machine include axisymmetric machining of aspheric and toroidal surfaces, raster flycutting of freeform surfaces, linear diffractive gratings, micro-prismatic optical structures, micro-milling of aspheric lens arrays as well as Slow Slide Servo (S3) machining of toric, biconic and freeform surfaces.

This proven machine design was based on the highly successful design of our 3-4 axis 450UPL platform and includes independent hydrostatic oil bearing slide ways on X, Y, & Z linear axes with linear motor drives that provide dynamically stiff and well damped linear motions. Our athermalized spindle mounting technique combined with the closed-loop chiller with temperature controlled water circulating around both the motor and air bearing journals, enhances the long term thermal stability of the 10,000 rpm groove-compensated air bearing work spindle. Our very unique Y-axis utilizes dual linear motor drives and includes an adaptively controlled, step-compensated air bearing counterbalance assembly for optimal servo control of variable loads. The work spindle is symmetrically imbedded into the Y-axis carriage for improved overall loop stiffness, reduced Abbe error, and to provide further thermal stability during lengthy machining cycles.

Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC is a global supplier of ultra-precision machining systems for single point diamond turning, micro-milling, micro-grinding, and glass press molding. With machine installations in 29 different countries, Nanotech's 2 - 5 axes symmetric and freeform optical machining systems offer the flexibility and reliability to cover R&D or production needs in a broad range of current and emerging markets. All systems achieve nanometer level surface finishes directly off the machine, most often eliminating the need for secondary post-polishing operations, while at the same time maintain sub-micron form accuracies. There are ultra-precision systems and then there are Nanotech ultra-precision machining solutions.

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