Nanion Technologies GmbH hires Dr. Cecilia Farre to strengthen the ion channel expert team

After a successful introduction of Nanion's first generation of automated patch clamp devices, the company seeks to expand its team and is very glad to hire Cecilia Farre, Ph.D., for research, product development as well as marketing and sales activities.

Dr. Cecilia Farre graduated in analytical chemistry and electrophysiology from Göteborg University, Sweden, where she also held a postdoctoral position in electrophysiology. Dr. Farre was employed as project manager and later on Vice President of Key Projects at Cellectricon AB, Göteborg, Sweden, where she played a key role in the development and commercialization of the company's microfluidics platform.

"I am very impressed by Nanion´s automated patch clamp devices. The versatility of the products and their unprecedented ease-of-use offer a remedy to the bottlenecks of ion channel drug discovery as well as they facilitate novel experiments on ion channel function. I am happy and proud to join with Nanion Technologies." says Dr. Farre.

Dr. Niels Fertig, CEO of Nanion Technologies, is very pleased about Dr. Farre's joining the Nanion team: "We have successfully introduced our entry level device for automated patch clamp, the Port-a-Patch, which has been very well received by our customers. With the upcoming launch of our robotic multi-channel patch clamp workstation, the NPC-16, we want to strengthen our R&D team for customer support as well as our M&S for both the Port-a-Patch and the NPC-16. Dr. Cecilia Farre, with her strong background in ion channel screening instrumentation and commercialization, is a perfect fit to fill this position and we all welcome her on board!"

about Nanion:
Nanion Technologies (Germany) is a spin-off from the Center for Nanoscience (CeNS) of the University of Munich and is dedicated to providing flexible and customized solutions for ion channel research both in industry and academia. With the miniaturized Port-a-Patch©, Nanion offers the world's smallest patch-clamp workstation. This innovative drug discovery technology makes patch clamp available also to non-electrophysiologists. The NPC©-16 additionally addresses the higher throughput requirements for ion channel screening and is a valuable tool for target validation and safety pharmacology (hERG screening).

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