Nanalysis Announces The Launch of its New 100MHz Compact NMR Device

Calgary, Aug. 26, 2019 /CNW/ - Nanalysis Scientific Corp. (the "Company" or "Nanalysis", TSX-V:NSCI), is pleased to announce the world's first ever 100 MHz compact NMR device with unprecedented performance metrics including superior resolution and sensitivity, plus over 25% better signal dispersion than any competing compact NMR device on the market.

The launch of this new high-end benchtop product is based on the market demand identified from five years of customer feedback and acquiring data from thousands of samples from around the world. Customers in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, law enforcement, and agrochemical industries require affordable, accessible and automatable compact NMR devices for their R&D, chemical extraction/processing plants and QA/QC processes. Nanalysis' NMReady-60™, already deployed in labs around the world, meets many customer requirements and the new 100MHz device opens the door to industries and processes that were not being served with an affordable NMR tool.

Nanalysis CEO Sean Krakiwsky states: "I am incredibly proud of our marketing and product development groups for identifying the market-driven need for this new product and for the world class development effort leading to this launch. We expect tremendous demand for this high-performance model, as we lead the global NMR 'appification' movement. Customers no longer have to spend millions of TCO dollars and endless liquid helium on high-field NMR installations, to meet most existing and many new NMR testing applications needs. For decades, the evolution of NMR was towards bigger, more expensive hardware, whereas Nanalysis is focused on smaller and smarter NMR solutions. Additionally, compact NMR will replace outdated, multi-step, expensive, sample-destructive, environmentally unfriendly testing in many industrial QA/QC processes where other types of benchtop analytical instruments are currently used. Of course, we are not doing this alone - our partners in the compact NMR ecosystem are a critical part of this NMR 'appification' movement."

Dr. Rob O'Brien, CEO of Supra R&D, an innovative analytical services company, states: "Nanalysis has shown true global leadership in the compact NMR space with this product launch. Supra R&D is excited to offer this to our customers, particularly those in the nutraceutical and cannabis industries. At Supra R&D, we are at the forefront of offering innovative analytical services and establishing testing standards with international regulatory bodies, such as ASTM and AOAC, for quality control of consumer products in these industries. Hardware partners such as Nanalysis are critical to our success."

Dr. Samuli-Petrus Korhonen, President of NMR Solutions, an emerging leader in NMR Software as a Service (SasS), states: "Our software incorporates quantum mechanical modeling to increase the effective resolution of compact NMR data. 100 MHz hardware is at the sweet spot of our innovative model-based approach, allowing for broader penetration of the market and maximization of value for our customers. NMR Solutions is focused on cloud-based SaaS in partnership with companies like Nanalysis, as we continue to change the way people think about NMR, making it simpler, more useful, and less expensive."

Nanalysis is accepting advance orders for the 100 MHz product immediately and expects to ship the first production units to customers by Q1 2020.

About Nanalysis Scientific Corp. (TSX-V:NSCI, FRA:1N1)

Nanalysis recently listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canadawith ticker symbol of 'NSCI'. The company develops and manufactures portable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometers or analyzers for laboratory and industrial instrumentation markets. The NMReady-60™ was the first fully featured portable NMR spectrometer in a single compact enclosure requiring no liquid helium or any other cryogens, and the company has followed-up that initial offering with new products and continues to have a strong innovation pipeline.

Nanalysis devices are used by chemical professionals in many industries (oil and gas, chemical, mining, pharma, biotech, flavor and fragrances, agrochemicals, etc.) as well as numerous government and university labs around the world. The company continues to exploit new global market opportunities with partners and independently.

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