Multiquip Provides the Fricks Company with Versatile Ride-On Trowel Floor Finishing Solutions


The Fricks Company (Fricks) has focused on the design, construction and finishing of concrete surfaces for the last 30 years. To construct high quality, durable floors, Fricks requires their equipment to meet high standards for reliability and productivity. Fricks previously tried several prominent brands of ride-on trowels and monitored their down time, maintenance costs as well as comments from their operators and service technicians. In the end, these machines had unacceptable levels of down time, and often had short life spans.

In addition to the search for a dependable machine, Fricks sought to streamline its fleet. Their ideal machine would be able to handle each stage of the finishing process. In particular, Fricks needed a low speed, high torque unit capable of turning float pans, as well as high rotor speeds for burnishing floors.


After determining the ride-on trowels they were using did not fit their stringent requirements, Fricks searched for an alternative and discovered Multiquip's ride-on trowels. These machines had the ability to handle the entire finishing process from panning and floating, to the final burnish.


Multiquip's ride-on trowels offered the versatility that Fricks required and were a much better return on Frick's investment.

Fricks' original expectations were for the trowels to last three years. In contrast, Multiquip's ride-on trowels far surpassed their goals and have helped Fricks to generate greater profits. The ride-on trowels have less down time, and ultimately help Fricks fulfill one of their missions, to "Optimize the project schedule and to always complete our projects on time. Always."

Using Multiquip's ride-on trowels have allowed Fricks' crews to develop a technique for finishing floors that enables them to deliver a final product that consistently meets, and often exceeds, their customers' expectations.

"We have been extremely pleased with our decision to use the HHN and the HTX ride-on trowels from Multiquip," said Brad Fricks, Vice President of The Fricks Company. "The introduction of the HHN gave the contractors a heavy duty machine that could do it all. The HTX, which is a hydraulic machine, gave the contractors even greater sustainability, precision, balance and control."

About Multiquip

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