Multi-Step Storeroom Project: New Non-Skid Flooring, Wall Waterproofing and More

One of  Pumpcoat/PCI Contractor’s  Power Generation customers in Connecticut recently built a new storeroom. Their previous one was no longer large enough. Once the new structure was built, there were a few components that PCI Contractors was able to lend its expertise to completing it to spec.  The flooring the customer required was a non-skid floor that mitigated moisture.   PCI installed a new epoxy flooring system, of approximately 1700 square feet. The first coat was of Duraglaze MVP primer.  Duraglaze MVP can reduce moisture levels up to 99 %.  It also provides an excellent basecoat.  The top-coat applied was Duraflex Armor Top pigmented gloss coat.  This is a protective Urethane coating –  it is specially formulated for high traffic areas to protect against chemicals and wear. By broadcasting Aluminum Oxide grit into the coating, it creates a non-skid surface that is safer for personnel to walk on.  PCI applied line-striping the floor to demarcate the aisles, forklift lanes, and other safety markings.   Also called for was a concrete pad of approximately 400 feet which PCI poured in an area of the warehouse.  This pad created an area where machinery could move around on without worrying too much about cracking and chipping.

The next phase of the new warehouse was moving the steel shelving and cabinets from the old storeroom to the new one.  PCI Contractors subcontracted a local company with experience in that area. They transported the shelving, cabinets, mezzanine system and set it up in the new storeroom, making sure that it was done to safety code and replacing any lost parts.

Finally, PCI provided water drainage and waterproofing to the Exterior wall of the new storeroom. This wall in particular was noted to be in a high risk area for standing water build-up and possible seepage.  Approximately 2 feet deep trenching was dug 50 feet along the exterior of wall and backfilled at a slope to promote better drainage. After power-washing the wall, A BASF Concrete Waterproof coating was applied, and corrugated piping put along it for drainage of rainwater.

For a multitasking project like the new storeroom building, Pumpcoat/PCI Contractor’s years of experience and adherence to safety and quality can help our customers get it completed on time and without the headaches.

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