Mount Cook Airlines Orders Mechtronix' Fixed Base FFT X(TM) for Recurrent Training & Checking

New training paradigm with a fixed-base simulator enables motion-cueing without a motion base

MONTREAL, April 30 - Mount Cook Airlines, a subsidiary of Air New Zealand located in Christchurch, New Zealand, has purchased from Mechtronix an ATR 72-500 Full Flight Trainer(TM) X(TM) (FFT X(TM)) to bring 100% of the recurring training and operational airlines needs to its home base. Mechtronix Systems Inc, a fast growing provider of flight simulation technology, is the first and only company offering the FFT X(TM) worldwide.

This innovative device enables pilots to perform all the recurrent training including CAT II, Capt upgrade, recent experience and Operation Proficiency Checks (OPC) in a fixed base environment relying on a new concept of "motion cueing system", more cost effective to operate than a classic Full Flight Simulator (FFS). The FFT X(TM) comprises a high level of dynamic environment cues namely a collimated visual system, a high end sound, enhanced vibration system feedback associated with seat cueing capabilities as well as a level D data package.

Mount Cook Airlines will be using the FFT X(TM) for their OPC's, enabling recurrent training at their home base. A direct effect of this is a significant reduction of costs associated with recurrent training & checking combined with an increased crew coverage and overall fleet yield.

"Until the FFT X(TM), we had no choice but to send our pilots for their recurrent training to the closest training facility which in our case was in Bangkok, Thailand. The FFT X(TM) business case justifies our purchase and savings we will incur. We now have the innovative solution that will enable us to perform 100% of the recurrent training at our own facility," indicated Flight Operations Manager Mr. Dale Webb. Mount Cook Airlines will also be using the device for upgrade of command and also for part of their initial training program.

"This new generation of tools simultaneously meets the high demand for advanced training while addressing training quality and customer finances. By doing so, in association with ATR customers needs, we will significantly contribute to increasing safety worldwide" said Jean-Michel Bigarre ATR VP training and flight operations.

"We wanted to enable "smaller" airlines that are currently outsourcing their training to third party training centers to be able to bring their training at their own base of operations. Our FFT X(TM) - supported by both ATR Training Center and the French CAA - allows this and is the perfect solution for such airlines," concluded Mechtronix President Xavier Herve.

About the FFT(TM) X(TM)

The FFT X(TM) is the outcome of a joint effort between ATR Training Center and Mechtronix Systems who relied on studies on human brain, motion feedback and pilot behavior to design a high level but affordable and creative solution. The FFT X(TM) comprises a high level of dynamic environment cues namely a collimated visual system, a high end sound, enhanced vibration system feedback associated with seat cueing capabilities as well as a level D data package. All these systems combined with the natural brain ability to recreate physiological feeling generate a high level of motion cues challenging the conventional hexapod motion system.

About Mount Cook Airlines

Mount Cook Airlines is a regional carrier based out of Christchurch, New Zealand wholly owned by Air New Zealand. They operate regional services under the Air New Zealand Link brand. Mount Cook operates a fleet of more than 10 ATR 72-500.

About Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI)

Born out of the micro-processor revolution in the early 80's, MSI is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, one of North America's aerospace clusters. Over the last 20 years, MSI has acquired the resources and capabilities allowing the design of intelligent machines, such as flight simulators. Relying on its unique and economically advantageous fabrication process, MSI is one of the world's fastest growing providers of flight training equipment. Its worldwide customers include major airline companies such as Alitalia, Copa Airlines, CAFUC (China), Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, and Northwest Airlines. MSI's newest addition to the Ascent® series is the FFS X(TM) full flight simulator, including the Non Zero Flight Time(TM) (NZFT(TM)) and the Zero Flight Time(TM) (ZFT(TM)) configurations. The Ascent® offer also including Simulated Aircraft Hardware, FTDs, Full Flight Trainers(TM) is an integral part of the Aerosim-Mechtronix Integrated Training Architecture(TM).


CONTACT: Mount Cook Airlines: Dale Webb, Flight Operations Manager, +64 3358 1205,; Mechtronix Systems: Adeline Gautier, Marketing Manager, (514) 342-0800,; Media Relations US: Joseph Dans, Fusion Public Relations, (212) 651-4215,

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