Mott Corporation Porous Metal in Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Separation

FARMINGTON, CT., March 2007- Mott Corporation announced last week that it has received a grant from the Connecticut Small Business Innovation Research Office for the development of porous metal membranes for use in various fuel cell technologies. The grant which is funded through the Connecticut Development Authority and the Governor's Office for Workforce Competitiveness and was designed to promote emerging nanotechnologies and new product development by small businesses in Connecticut.

Mott is a global leader in creating engineered solutions using sintered porous metal for a variety of applications related to fuel cells and hydrogen separation applications. Our porous metal has been used as membrane supports (e.g., electrolyzers), gas filters and as spargers for gas humidification (fuel cell applications). Mott's porous metal components have also been used in applications including membrane separator plates, diffusion layers, anodes, cathodes, gas and steam distribution plates, as well as heat transfer and fluid wicking.

Mott produces products in various media grades and alloys including titanium, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, and 316L stainless steel. These porous metal materials can also be coated with various surface treatments and/or catalyst layers to enhance performance. The precise porosity of Mott's porous metal materials offer uniform flow and distribution of gases relevant to the process. The unique nature of the porous structures coupled with the attributes of metal alloys such as high strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance make Mott materials ideally suited for these applications for alternative energy.

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