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Motek 2009: Solutions for the Future

(Derendingen, 26/10/2009) At Motek 2009 in Stuttgart, Montech introduced the latest innovations for the Montrac transport system, belt conveyors and automation components.

At the Montech stand, visitors showed great interest for the heavy-load shuttle, the new generation of shuttles and the new Basic belt conveyor. "High attendance at the stand and the tangible interest of visitors prove that Montech feels the pulse of the market and provides future-ready solutions," said Alessandro Sibilia, CEO, Montech AG.

New generation of shuttles: faster, more stable and intelligent
The new-generation shuttles are specifically designed for large-scale intralogistic projects. The shuttle, provided with a powerful processor, can travel up to 60 m/min and carry heavy weights, while so far speeds up to 30 m/min and loads up to 24 kg were possible. In addition, we offer optional wireless communication. "The transfer of large data volumes and direct communications to other systems is no longer a problem, and the RFID interface is even more efficient," says Yves Dicke, Manager Montrac of Montech. According to Dicke, the completely new concept of the drive provides for a more stable behavior of the shuttle, while optimized acceleration results into faster changeover time.

Shuttle for heavy loads: flexibility and convenience
For loads up to 80 kg, a heavy-load shuttle is now available, characterized by reinforced carriage and profile as well as controlled speed. Loads up to 50 kg can be carried directly on the shuttle, while for higher weights Montech has created a trailer for the shuttle. "Thanks to the monorail, also the version for heavy loads ensures maximum accuracy and efficient application," adds Dicke.

Basic belt conveyor
"With the Basic belt conveyor, we have developed a belt that offers the standard Montech quality at an unbeatable price," said Gianluca Aloisi, Manager Conveyors&Automation, Montech. The Basic belt conveyor delivers all key functions without expensive accessories. Single-belt or double-belt conveyors are available optionally. The Basic conveyors are available with drives installed at the end or in the middle, and frame widths between 45 and 800 mm; they can carry loads up to 40 kg.

Higher flexibility with automation components
Also electrified automation components, including parallel and angular grippers, rotary drives, compact universal slides and Servoline, drew the attention of visitors. In electric grippers, the gripping strength and speed can be adjusted independently. The electrically operated rotary drive DAE-60 can move into different positions (up to 31 programmable positions), traveling at different speeds between one position and another. All electrified handling components can be driven by the same regulation device. The preset settings of the regulation device provide for very easy and quick commissioning. In addition, the digital I/Os allow very easy control.

Montech AG
Montech AG markets basic modular components that automate demanding production and logistics processes. In addition to conventional conveyor belts, automation components and the Quick-Set profile system, the range of products also includes the Montrac transport system. Montrac is an intelligent transport system for networking industrial production and logistics processes. Founded in 1963, the company is based in Switzerland and stands for innovation in the automation industry.

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