Mopec Signs Exclusive Imaging Agreement with Milestone

'Industry’s first touch screen grossing station will feature Milestone gross imaging camera and software’

OAK PARK, Mich. - Mopec, creator of the industry’s first touch screen grossing station, announced today it has signed an exclusive agreement to feature Milestone’s MacroPATH pro-x macro digital imaging system with its MB800 grossing station.

Milestone’s pro-x camera system can now be imbedded optionally in the Mopec MB800 Grossing Station’s camera imaging canopy; keeping the pathology camera precisely and securely in place for optimal data recording, transferring and syncing. Milestone’s 16 megapixel digital camera, featuring autofocus, auto-light adjusting and 10x optical magnification, will enable detailed specimen observation and image capturing. Milestone’s gross imaging software will create a library of sequential, individually labeled specimen images, creating full specimen documentation and detailed pathology reports.

“Our agreement with Milestone to offer the MacroPATH imaging system as a factory install gives our customers the advantage of having superior image capturing, recording and documentation capabilities built into the work station,” said Mopec CEO Jane VanDusen. “We partnered with Milestone because they are the industry leader in gross imaging.”

“We have both experienced sustained success in a complimenting lab space,” said Milestone Medical Technologies General Manager Dave Sanford.  “Milestone is clearly the industry leader in gross imaging and Mopec is clearly the industry leader in grossing and necropsy. We share many of the same field sales resources and we’re right down the road from each other.”  Mopec is located in Oak Park, Michigan, while Milestone Medical Technologies operates out of Kalamazoo.

The Mopec MB800 Grossing Station was introduced fourth quarter of 2015. An interactive touch screen display highlighting essential grossing station operational information monitors formalin level, bio waste level, filter usage duration and ventilation performance. A hands-free sink faucet, combined with a hand spray rinse, offers an extra measure of sanitation and ease of clean up. Designed to accommodate operators of varying heights, the MB800 has an elevation feature that raises or lowers the unit by as much as 12-inches with a simple hand control. Motion sensors preserve energy and resources when the system is not in operation.

About Mopec

Mopec designs and manufactures customized equipment for the pathology, anatomy, mortuary and necropsy industries. Headquartered in Oak Park, Michigan and distributing globally, all engineering and manufacturing is completed in-house at its U.S. headquarters. Mopec’s regional office in Europe interacts across time zones to assist international customers. For more information visit:

Mopec CEO Jane VanDusen, Marco Bellini, general manager of Milestone and Max Corona, Mopec VP of engineering - at Milestone headquarters in Italy on May 2. Milestone is the parent company of Milestone Medical Technologies.

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