Molex Connector Solutions Adopted as the InfiniBand(TM) CXP 12x QDR and QSFP 4x QDR Standards

Integrated Connectors Enable InfiniBand to Double Its Data Rate and Port Density for High-Bandwidth Applications

LISLE, Ill. - Nov. 12, 2008- Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX and MOLXA) announces that its 84-circuit iPass+ High Speed Channel (HSC) (TM) and 38-circuit iPass(TM) connector and cable assembly systems were recently adopted by InfiniBand(TM) as the CXP 12x QDR and QSFP 4x QDR standards, respectively. These highly integrated systems combine valuable I/O real estate and optimize port density for high-bandwidth in high performance computing, data center and networking applications.

"As InfiniBand competes to be the dominant I/O technology for the world's most powerful supercomputers, Molex developed several high performance interconnect solutions that enable them to achieve higher bandwidth," said Jay Neer, Strategic Product Manager, Molex Incorporated. "Being chosen by the InfiniBand Trade Association for their next generation 4x and 12x QDR interfaces puts Molex at the forefront of high speed, high density I/O industry standard solutions."

Molex's CXP 12x connector system enables twelve channels of 10 Gbps, for 120 Gbps of total bandwidth, in a one-piece press-fit assembly, resulting in one of the fastest and densest I/Os on the market today. It also enables pluggable copper or pluggable optical options, thereby passive cable assemblies, active cable assemblies, copper loopbacks, optical MTP cable assemblies, and optical loopbacks.

Molex's 12x CXP integrated receptacle/guide assembly doubles the density of the current 12x copper connector providing greater port density and overall system cost savings over other form factor solutions. The Molex designed CXP cable assemblies accommodate stacked and ganged integrated connector configurations in extremely high-density requirements

The InfiniBand 4x QSFP interface incorporates the Molex 38-circuit iPass connector, which features an SMT design that enables placement on both sides of the PCB for increased port density. With a pitch of 0.08mm, the design also allows for easy routing of traces on the circuit board and standoffs allow for easy PCB cleaning after soldering. The QSFP interface also replaces a copper-only standard with a pluggable copper and optical solution. The QSFP iPass pluggable solution also includes loopbacks and copper or fiber cable assembly options.

Both Molex QSFP and CXP connector solutions comply with the InfiniBand performance specifications. To learn more about Molex's CXP and QSFP products, visit and

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