Modular Forming Units for Flexible Automation and System Integration

Taumel offers a wide range of single tool and multi-point Orbital Forming Units for automated parts assembly. These units, operated by remote-control panels are used as flexible work cells or can be built into automated systems or multi-station assembly lines.

The multi-point forming systems for increased productivity can hold any number of tools in random patterns, as close as 3/16 in. apart. Some multispindle types can handle many different components of varying shapes and heading height, or even in recessed in cavities, during one machine cycle.

Adjustable multispindle attachments are another option. They permit two, three or four separate operations on one or several parts at the same time. The center distance is infinitely variable (within the specifications for each model) and is adjusted and locked in position to suit the required forming pattern.

The multispindle program includes modular forming units with cluster heads for fixed work patterns, usually customized for applications in high volume production in work cells for flexible automation, or on rotary and in-line transfer equipment.

Taumel's modular forming units are designed to be operated at any angle, even upside down, and are frequently used as opposing pairs for double-ended assembly. They can form both ends of a shaft simultaneously, invaluable for assembling reels, axles and hubs.

These modular units can also be mounted on special frames for such deep-throat constructional requirements as the manufacturing of aircraft structures, trucks and mass-transit vehicles. Heading pressure is provided by hydraulic power packs on the larger forming units and pneumatically on the smaller ranges.

Taumel's PLC controls and sensing hardware ensure quality and uniformity through real time height measuring and/or pressure sensing. The data generated during the sensing and monitoring process also provide statistical analysis of work results.

These modular forming units follow the basic concepts of orbital forming, pioneered by Taumel: Silent, vibration free forming of all malleable material, including some thermoplastics, with infinitely variable cycle times, spindle stroke, work speed and forming pressure. The method also permits heading of pins, shafts or studs without shaft deformation to form free-moving swing joints within .001 in.

Taumel offers to system integrators and automation houses their CAD files to facilitate design tasks.



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