VICI now carries the Mininert® line of valves for syringes and laboratory glassware. Push button operation -- green to open, red to close--provides safe, user friendly operations. Valve bodies are PTFE, with a stainless steel stem.

Mininert® Syringe Valves add leak-tight 250 psi sample storage capability to a standard Pressure-Lok® or Luer hub syringe. These convenient add-on valves allow sample to be pressurized just prior to the injection, yielding better resolution.

Mininert® Valves for lab glassware provide leak-tight closure with syringe access to screw-cap and crimp-top vials, test tubes, flasks, and reaction chambers. When the valve is open (green button pushed), a needle can be inserted through the replaceable septum without any exposure of the vial contents to atmosphere. When the valve is closed (red button pushed), the septum is inaccessible. Models are available with tapers or with ¼-28 or pipe threads. The ¼-28 threads allow connection to the huge line of Cheminert® fittings, adapters, and connectors.

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