Minicom Partners with Digi International on Integration of Console Servers into Minicom's Remote Access Management Solution

AccessIT(TM), Minicom's remote access management solution, delivers centralized, single sign-on access to Digi's Passport console servers and their associated devices

Linden, New Jersey - Minicom Advanced Systems, a leading developer of remote access, control, and management solutions for data centers, announced today that they are partnering with Digi International, providing them with remote serial access management. Minicom is integrating access and management of Digi Passport®, Digi's industry leading console servers, into AccessIT, Minicom's remote access management system.

In-band and out-of-band access of network devices such as routers, switches and servers are critical in designing and maintaining robust data centers. Console servers offer a secure and auditable method for gaining access to these devices, either through a web-based interface, or a serial or modem connection when the network is down or unavailable. As the number of Digi Passports in the data center grows, IT managers face the challenge of how to simply and securely manage access to all their computer systems and network equipment. This integration enables Passport customers to remotely locate, update, control and manage their console servers from one address, with one click giving them a "single pane of glass" view of hundreds of serial devices. AccessIT offers unified access and control for KVM, serial, and power, as well as software access services. IT managers enjoy complete, consolidated in-band and out-of- band control of all their IT computing and networking equipment from a single interface.

"We are really excited about this integration, which brings tremendous benefits to Digi's customers. Remote serial access management is essential for running data centers effectively. Now our customers can log in once, and see all their computer systems and network devices from one central location," said Brian O'Rourke, Principal Product Line Manager, Digi International.

"It is extremely satisfying to meet the needs of Digi International's customers with AccessIT," said Rami Sasson, VP Business Development & Strategy, Minicom. "A remote access management strategy is a requirement for today's data centers, and we are proud to deliver a comprehensive remote access management solution. IT staff benefit from a single intuitive interface for running and managing the multiple remote access protocols needed to maintain their servers, switches, firewalls, routers and other IT components."

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About Minicom Advanced Systems

Minicom is a global leader of IT management solutions for data centers, server rooms and rack environments.

With an established track record of pioneering innovative solutions, Minicom is synonymous with IT infrastructure efficiency and shortening resolution time in data centers. Tailored for IT managers who need secure, centralized, and seamless access to their mixed IT environments (servers, console servers, PDUs, and network devices), our IT infrastructure solutions enable local, remote, in-band and out-of-band access and management. Minicom's unique approach maximizes past investments in IT infrastructure, installation, and training while adding innovative technology, resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity.

Since 1988, we have provided solutions for some of the largest rack environments in the world. With headquarters in Israel and regional offices in North America, Europe and China, Minicom operates in over 70 countries. Our solutions are used daily to manage millions of servers.

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