Millstone Medical Outsourcing Launches Enhanced Online Tracking, Inventory Tool

FALL RIVER, Mass., Dec. 4 // -- Millstone Medical Outsourcing announced today that it recently launched a new version of the company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, a subscription-based online inventory tracking and management tool developed specifically for medical device manufacturers. Millstone provides the proprietary system with advanced customer interface to customers employing the company's sterile packaging services, the loaner expedite program, the instrument recycling program, or warehousing and distribution services. The first iteration of the system was developed four years ago. The updated and enhanced version was designed to offer broader customization, improved functionality, and more robust processing. Millstone, outsource partner to the industry's top orthopaedic companies, is the fast-growing provider of aftermarket services, start-up solutions, and premier contract packaging services for medical device manufacturers worldwide.

"Our customers are looking for ways to more effectively manage their processes and inventory. At Millstone Medical Outsourcing we work hard to develop innovative solutions that provide our customers with the flexibility and traceability they need," said Jonathan Tillman, Millstone's Vice President of Sales. "Our online inventory management system offers customers state-of- the-art visibility from anywhere, at any time, via Internet access."

Millstone's ERP system provides real-time visibility, tracking product from the time it is received, as it moves through various stages of processing, through its arrival in the finished goods warehouse, and as it is shipped to consignment locations across the country. The system is subscription-based, enabling customers to avoid the upfront costs and challenges associated with developing an in-house tracking tool. Millstone's ERP system, which provides users with up-to-the-minute access to inventory information through an easy to use web portal, is designed to facilitate a superior level of efficiency in the field as well as at headquarters.

With over 50 percent of customers utilizing the ERP system, Millstone has continued to build the system's capacity to address customers' growing expectations. The enhanced version delivers a wider range of customized reports, has been modified for improved processing and customer use, and is built upon a solid technical foundation that allows for a more robust and cohesive system overall.

About Millstone Medical Outsourcing

Millstone Medical Outsourcing is a leading and innovative provider of customized outsourcing solutions to the medical device industry. The company offers superior aftermarket services, customized start-up solutions, and premier contract packaging services to medical device manufacturers worldwide. With tens of thousands of units processed each week for many of the industry's most prominent companies, Millstone has significant expertise in a wide range of services. Superior quality service and increased ROI are what clients have come to expect from Millstone Medical Outsourcing. The company is privately- held and headquartered in Fall River, MA. Millstone is FDA registered and ISO certified by BSI, Inc. to ISO 13485: 2003. For more information, please visit

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