Microtune® at CES: Next-Generation Hybrid Tuners Drive Digital TV Entertainment

40th International Consumer Electronics Show, January 8-11, 2007, Las Vegas, Nevada IBM Booth, South Hall 4 - Upper Level, #36634

PLANO, Texas--In the coming global digital universe, consumers will be able to watch high-quality digital TV anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Microtune's (NASDAQ: TUNE) tuners are making digital TV 'freedom of choice' possible.

Microtune's hybrid tuner chips bring sophisticated digital TV and video multimedia functionality to both trend-setting product innovations and to mainstream, high-volume consumer electronics. At the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES®), Microtune's digital tuner portfolio, recognized for delivering market-hardened solutions with industry-leading, and in many cases, industry-defining performance, will be on display in the IBM booth (South Hall 4 - Upper Level, #36634). Microtune's advanced TV tuners, embedded as key electronic components, also will be showcased at the show in the latest digital TV electronics and concept products of its worldwide customers.

Among the Microtune products at CES:


Microtune's suite of ultra low-power tuners (Mobile MicroTuner(TM) MT2260, MT2262 and MT2266) bring multi-standard, multi-band TV reception capability to small mobile devices, including mobile TV phones, smart phones, PDAs and other small handhelds. Featured in product already deployed in real-world commercial mobile TV networks, Mobile MicroTuner chips are built using Microtune's patent-pending ClearTune(TM) filtering techniques to enable clear, sharp, interference-free reception in unpredictable mobile reception environments. Mobile MicroTuner technology is also available to manufacturers as chips for on-board implementations or in wafer-level, chip-scale packaging for system-in-package and system-on-panel solutions. Mobile TV phones, including next-generation product using Microtune's DVB-H/DVB-T hybrid tuners, will be available at the booth.


Microtune's low-power tuners, supporting analog and digital reception standards, enable digital TV and video multimedia on multiple kinds of portable devices, inside and outside the home. This collection of tuners (the MT2260, MT2266 and MT2130) permit manufacturers to offer no-compromise PC or notebook solutions that deliver best-in-class TV reception, low power consumption, and portability at an affordable consumer price-point. Supporting multiple standards (ATSC/NTSC/Cable, DVB-T/DVB-H), these tuners also offer a cost-effective, smooth transition from analog-to-digital or from terrestrial-to-mobile TV broadcast. The booth will feature innovative portable TV products--U.S. and European tuner 'sticks'--tiny USB plug-in devices that transform the PC into a TV and personal video recorder.


Microtune's highly successful 1GHz+ series of cable TV tuners, the MT212X-and MT202X-series, enable consumers to seamlessly access, watch and record HD programming, store programs on their DVR set-top, or distribute them to multiple rooms of the home. Proven in the advanced multi-tuner set-tops of the cable industry's leading equipment manufacturers, Microtune's cable TV tuners are engineered to support bandwidth-intensive HD video, on-demand and home networking services. They offer cable equipment manufacturers proven radio frequency (RF) core technology, permitting them to deliver current and future services to consumers in lower-cost, smaller, full-featured set-top boxes. Microtune's advanced cable tuner, supporting set-tops, VoIP telephony and cable modems, will be available at the booth.


Microtune's most advanced analog/digital tuner, the MT2131, is the only silicon tuner to support all three US standards (NTSC/ATSC and Cable Digital Ready), while at the same time delivering benchmark setting performance. Integrating three tuners -- analog, digital and cable -- in a tiny chip smaller than a thumbtack, the chip supports analog and digital TV across both off-air and cable TV reception. The MT2131 enables manufacturers to deploy a tuner with an unmatched combination of performance and versatility across all TV models, sizes and price points--from multi-tuner, giant-screen home theatres to small, affordable LCD TVs and inexpensive DTV set-top converter boxes. The MT2131 tuner offers a robust, cost-effective solution for bringing digital terrestrial and cable-compatible consumer electronics devices to market. Microtune's 3-in-1 MT2131 tuner will be available at the booth.


Microtune's portfolio of radio frequency (RF) products is optimized for the reception, tuning or transmission of high-frequency video, voice and data signals delivered across both cable, terrestrial and mobile TV networks. Supporting worldwide reception standards, the company's product portfolio includes tuners, amplifiers and upconverters. These devices are building blocks in enabling the delivery and exchange of information across broadband communications and entertainment products, including digital TVs, set-top boxes, PC-TVs, cable/VoIP modems, car entertainment systems, and mobile TV devices.

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Microtune, Inc. (NASDAQ: TUNE) is a silicon and subsystems company that designs and markets radio frequency (RF) solutions for the worldwide broadband communications and transportation electronics markets. Inventor of the MicroTuner(TM) single-chip broadband tuner, Microtune offers a portfolio of advanced tuner, amplifier, and upconverter products that enable the delivery of information and entertainment across new classes of consumer electronics devices. The Company currently holds 66 U.S. patents for its technology. Founded in 1996, Microtune is headquartered in Plano, Texas, with key design and sales centers located around the world. The website is www.microtune.com.

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