MicroBlok: The Ultimate Protection For The Electronics You Love

The threat of bacteria is everywhere. While the first thoughts of bacteria often lead you to visions of illness, it may take you by surprise to learn that your favorite electronics are often more susceptible to being attacked by these unwanted microorganisms. In a study by Which?, an independent group known for testing household products, phones were found to have seven times more "hazardous" levels of bacteria than office toilets. Results for tablets were an alarming 30 times higher, and it goes to show that no electronic device is safe.

Bacteria on electronics causes unwanted stains, odors and product deterioration. But don't worry, there is an antimicrobial solution available for all of your favorite electronics. With the help of Plastics Color Corporation's MicroBlok® antimicrobial additives, electronics built from plastic will be tough enough to defend against many bacteria threats.

More Protection Needed

The product manual from many of your favorite cell phone and tablet providers instructs you to clean your electronics with "a little bit of rubbing alcohol." Unfortunately, by the time you actually get around to doing so, the damage may already be done. In a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, "Alcohol doesn't kill everything: bacterial spores, some protozoa and certain 'non-enveloped' viruses aren't affected." This means you need more protection than rubbing alcohol alone if you want to truly protect your products from the reoccurring threat of bacteria.

MicroBlok Is Everywhere

If you want true protection from the bacteria that attacks plastics, look no further than the powers of MicroBlok. MicroBlok comes in two varieties, MicroBlok S (which contains silver) and MicroBlok Z (which contains zinc). Stable at any polymer processing temperature, MicroBlok S consists of silver ions that are evenly dispersed throughout your application. MicroBlok Z contains a zinc compound and ideal resins with low melting temperatures. Both formulations give you the power you need to combat bacteria before it can even begin.

MicroBlok has undergone rigorous independent lab tests to measure the inhibition of bacteria, fungi, molds and other microbes on plastics. Recognized as a safe and sure way to deliver microbe-fighting products without the need of any additional material modifications, MicroBlok can be found in many of your favorite electronics today. The antimicrobial formulation is included as part of the polymer. Applications such as plastic cases, tablets, keyboards, ear buds and many other electronic devices benefit from the antimicrobial formulation. Equally important, MicroBlok is a long-term solution to help prevent your products from forming odors, yellowing or simply breaking down due to materials.

MicroBlok Protects

As the world of technology continues to grow, thanks to the need to always have the latest gadget at our fingertips, the increasing threat of bacteria is on the rise as well. Don't allow the discoloration, due to the attack from microorganisms, to deteriorate your product. Brand owners are encouraged to contact Plastics Color today to find out how MicroBlok can help protect their electronics without any additional material modifications.

Plastics Color Corporation is an industry leader in colorants, compounds, additive masterbatches, and custom polymer technologies. With an enduring commitment to innovation, they pioneer state-of-the-art products that go on to lead an extensive range of markets. MicroBlok is formulated with antimicrobials to help suppress the growth of odor and stain-causing microorganisms on the treated plastic. MicroBlok is not intended as a substitute for good hygiene or to prevent food-borne or infectious illnesses. For more information on MicroBlok S or Z, visit www.PlasticsColor.com.

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