Metalworking and Fabricating in Canada: Tiger-Vac Has the Industry Covered with Premium Vacuum Cleaner Systems

The city of Toronto is preparing to host Fabtech Canada - The Metalworking and Fabricating Tradeshow from March 20th to 22nd 2012. Tiger-Vac will be at booth 2020 to promote and demonstrate vacuum cleaner systems, typically intended for this vibrant industry and the different applications found within.

o Our HOGOIL vacuum cleaner is designed for the recovery of chips and coolant. This silent vacuum system is pneumatically or electrically powered with a recovery tank capacity of up to 45 liters;

o A favorite model, the T1-3L (BP) Backpack HEPA is compact, comfortable and provides performance beyond expectations;

o The SS-35L DT (MFS) RE is an explosion-proof / dust ignition-proof vacuum cleaner suitable for combustible dusts. Available with a Manual filter shaker or Manual reverse purge, it features a detachable tank, ideal for maintenance safety;

o The SSAT-2L (HH) hand-held vacuum cleaner is our smallest, most compact explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

Quality-driven to go beyond standards

Tiger-Vac will only sell vacuum cleaners with manufacturer-certified high-efficiency filters. In addition, each produced unit is individually tested by Aerosol leak-tests prior to shipping. We caution customers who, through the careful marketing strategies of our competitors, could overlook certain key-aspects of certification: rest assured that Tiger-Vac goes beyond the standards, and not only on the issue of filtration.

Tiger-Vac is the only manufacturer in the industry whose products are Ex-Mat Recovery Guaranteed Capable of safely recovering combustible/conductive dusts and/or flammable liquids.

Awareness on the risks and hazards presented by combustible dusts and flammable liquids, inherent to certain industries, should not be over-looked. It contributes to your decision-making process when its time to purchase an explosion-proof vacuum system and could, ultimately save lives.

About Tiger-Vac Inc.

Manufacturer of specialized vacuum cleaners designed for specific industrial applications, Tiger-Vac has over 40 years experience and an unmatched commitment to the safety of your workers and your work environment. Recognized as an industry leader, Tiger-Vac offers a complete line of explosion proof/ dust ignition proof vacuum cleaner systems for the recovery of combustible and flammable materials, vacuum systems with manufacturer certified HEPA and ULPA filters for cleanroom applications and contamination-controlled environments and vacuums for all heavy-duty applications in hazardous locations, such as metalworking, powder coating, aerospace and the food industry.

ISO 9001: 2008 certified, IECEx, CSA and ATEX certified, we pride ourselves on the expertise we have developed to answer the ever changing needs of our customers.
Remember: at Tiger-Vac, safety has no compromise!

For more information on our complete line of products and to learn more about industrial vacuum cleaners, visit our website: , call toll-free 800-668-4437 or reach our Sales team at


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