Metal Craft Announces Acquisition of New Nova Sidera Orion Spinning Machine

Etobicoke, Ont. - Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping, a leader in quality metal spinning, cost-effective precision metal stamping and metal tooling services, is proud to announce the acquisition of a new Nova Sidera Orion 400 Playback Spinning Lathe.

The new machine, the fifth spinning lathe the company owns, has many special features that will help Metal Craft keep its customers happy.

It will allow Metal Craft to run three shifts, with the repeatability saving the company time and money. That, in turn, will enable Metal Craft to save its customers time and money as well.

The Nova Sidera has a maximum swing of 33.50", and a maximum difference between centers of 39.30". Its longitudinal slide travel is 20" hydraulic, with a transverse slide travel of 12" hydraulic.

The new machine will allow the 45-year-old company to keep pace with competitors and continue to offer quality service and reliability. Located in Etobicoke, Ont., in a 15,000 square foot factory, Metal Craft works with a variety of industries, including roofing, lighting, bearing closures, air pollution and ventilation, custom display stands, funeral urns, industrial vacuum cleaners, flag stand bases, fireplace accessories and satellite dish manufacturers.

"We're one of the most complete shops in North America," said Brian Rasksen, Metal Craft's President. "We're always working closely with engineers to help develop new products."

For more information about Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping, contact them at 416-644-1777, or 1-866-907-6333, and visit them online at

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