Meggitt Sensing Systems Adds to Engineering Team for Wilcoxon Research Products

Germantown, MD -- Meggitt Sensing System (MSS), the manufacturer of industry-leading
accelerometers and vibration sensing products, announced today that it has hired Peter
Eitnier as Mechanical Engineer for Wilcoxon Research products, and promoted Wayne
Glidden to Director of Materials.

In order to meet production level demands of Wilcoxon Research products, Wayne Glidden,
previously Technical Services Manager has been promoted to Director of Materials, and Peter Eitnier
has been hired as a Mechanical Engineer. The addition of these roles will add to business growth and
development, enhancing product design and lead time.

Wayne's new role will put him in charge of supply chain management including purchase orders,
vendor selection and supplier relationship cultivation. To ensure material availability for production,
Wayne will be managing inventory as well as overseeing receiving and shipping procedures. "Wayne
has a deep understanding of the materials purchasing process which directly corresponds to
production goals and lead times" said Jim Michaelis, Chief Operating Officer of Wilcoxon Research
products. "His experiences in Technical Services will allow him to implement better material handling
procedures and policies".

A recent graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical
Engineering, Peter Eitnier will participate in research and development activities by aiding with CAD
drawings and the construction of products. He will also be a key contributor to the Research and
Development department, whose responsibilities include implementing cutting edge product
development programs in condition monitoring products and underwater acoustics. His past
internships with Bandwidth Solutions (contracted by Orbital Sciences Corporation) involved designing
satellite parts integral to solar array assemblies. Peter was additionally responsible for generating and
performing tests for the designed parts to ensure stability and reliability. As an intern for Precision
Product Group, he updated work instructions for extrusion machinery by working with machinists to
understand the intricacies of machinery, and documenting the corrective action needed to operate the
machinery safely. "Peter's practical mechanical experience will allow him to understand and develop
our product lines significantly" said Dr. Chris McLean, Director of Research and Development for
Wilcoxon Research products. "We look forward to the innovation and technological understanding he
will bring to the R&D team."

Meggitt Sensing Systems offers employees a diverse, dynamic, and fast-paced environment with a
wide array of opportunities for career development and advancement. Learn more about employment
opportunities in its Germantown, Maryland, facility at To
learn more about Meggitt's Wilcoxon Research product line, or Lifetime Warranty, visit, call 800-WILCOXON, or email

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a division of Meggitt PLC, is a leading supplier of high-performance sensing and monitoring
systems for physical parameter measurements in extreme environments. It has operated since 1927 through its
antecedents-ECET, Endevco, Ferroperm Piezoceramics, Lodge Ignition, Sensorex, Vibro-Meter and Wilcoxon Research -
whose portfolios form the basis of product lines offered by today's Meggitt Sensing Systems. Meggitt Sensing Systems
designs and manufactures the Wilcoxon Research product line of vibration sensors at its facility in Germantown, Maryland,

Meggitt PLC Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Meggitt PLC is an international group operating in North America,
Europe and Asia. Known for its specialised extreme environment engineering, Meggitt is a world leader in aerospace
equipment, sensing systems, defence training and combat support products and systems.

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