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EDMONTON, Alberta, Feb. 28 - Medical Services International Inc wishes to announce that it will begin supplying the VScan HIV rapid test kit to retail outlets in India. The kits will be supplied from our assembly plant in Amstar India. The distributor for India has indicated that the retail outlets will require up to 700,000 VScan HIV test kits in the first year. In addition to the VScan HIV test kits, the VScan TB test kit is being evaluated for regulatory approval. There are new outbreaks of Tuberculosis (TB) in India and a demand for a rapid TB diagnostic test kit. The VScan TB test kit only detects active TB and gives no false positives. It has been reported by regulatory agencies that of the people infected with the HIV virus over 35% also have TB. Tuberculosis is highly contagious and will cause the death of over 8 million people this year. TB can be effectively treated with early detection. There is a significant need for a rapid diagnostic test kit for detection of TB. Medical Services feels that its VScan TB test kit will fill this demand.

About VScan

The VScan rapid test kit is a single use, disposable, accurate, cost effective, easy to use, test for the screening of HIV1&2, Hepatitis B&C, Tuberculosis (TB), Dengue Fever, West Nile, Syphilis, Malaria and Prostate Cancer. The kits cannot be sold in Canada.

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