MDC Plastics of Israel Looking to Invest in More Davis-Standard Technology

(Pawcatuck, Conn.) - Market leading Israeli tubing manufacturer MDC Plastics is looking to continue to invest in Davis-Standard extrusion equipment over the next three years. MDC, based in Sderot, Israel, has experienced significant growth as one of region's largest suppliers of specialty micro tubing used in irrigation and medical applications. The increased investment will include extruders and other equipment to support the company's highly technical, precision tubing business. Most recently, MDC added new Davis-Standard winding technology, a Euro Blue® extruder with DS e-TPC control and an HPE coextruder for improved production rates.

"Davis-Standard's expertise, dedication to their own business and that of their customers goes beyond all expectations," said Menni Galant, MDC President and founder. "Their equipment is very reliable and we've been pleased with the technical staff that supports us from Davis-Standard's facility in the United Kingdom. The personalities, devotion to the task and total professionalism has helped the relationship between MDC and Davis-Standard remain strong."

MDC's association with Davis-Standard spans a generation. The company has been a customer since its founding in the late 1980s. Since then, MDC has purchased seven Davis-Standard extrusion lines among other equipment. This technology has helped MDC expand its product line while utilizing unique materials developed in-house for products and for sale. Examples include a soft polyethylene, transparent PVC compounds, and new biodegradable technology. Because of this, MDC offers superior service, greater quality control, and is able to serve the drip irrigation segment of the agricultural sector with the same accuracy as the medical sector. Additionally, MDC provides stability to customers with a team of managers and manufacturing employees that have been with the company since production began.

For more information about MDC, visit For more information about Davis-Standard's tubing capabilities and support from the company's DS Brookes facility, contact Mark Woodgate at


Luann Kupka

Marketing & Sales Administration Manager

Extrusion Systems


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