MBC BioLabs Adds Cutting-edge Leica THUNDER 3D Assay Imager

San Carlos, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- MBC BioLabs, a full-service incubator offering laboratories, office space, meeting rooms, and an in-house staffed CRO facility, has added a state-of-the-art Leica THUNDER 3D Assay Imager to provide advanced research microscopy capabilities to their members.

The THUNDER 3D Assay Imager is available at the newly-launched San Carlos MBC BioLabs facility, which opened in May 2020. San Carlos features 30,000 square feet of shared office and lab space, accommodating as many as 50 start-up companies in the biotech and pharma industries.

"We are proud to be working with Leica, and appreciate their dedication to helping accelerate the early development of entrepreneurial startups," says Doug Crawford, Ph.D., Managing Director of Mission Bay Capital and General Manager of MBC BioLabs. Crawford continues, "The new THUNDER system combines high-end imaging capabilities and ease-of-use that will enable our new researchers to conduct research they may not have had the ability to conduct before."

The Leica THUNDER Imager provides imaging and data acquisition for advanced 3D cell culture and tissue assays across multiple research models and applications. It features innovative new technology, Computational Clearing, that efficiently removes out-of-focus blur in real time, enabling meaningful investigation of 3D specimens with camera-based fluorescence microscopy.

"This is an incredible opportunity for Leica Microsystems to work hand-in-hand with MBC BioLabs and the entrepreneurs driving the future of drug development and therapeutic advances" says Jeremy Carver, Senior Account Manager for Leica Microsystems in the San Francisco Bay Area. "THUNDER is one of Leica's newest technologies, and having access to its capabilities can really drive new discoveries for MBC BioLabs member companies." 

For more information about MBC BioLabs and the THUNDER 3D Assay Imager available at the San Carlos facility, please visit https://mbcbiolabs.com/facilities-sf-sc/.

About MBC BioLabs

MBC BioLabs is dedicated to helping life-science startups succeed – we like to say that we enable awesome. We have helped launch and grow 194 companies in our incubator since opening in October of 2013, and these companies have brought 53 programs to the clinic and raised over $4.5B! Our program allows companies to be fast, focused, and frugal. You can rent space as small as a single bench in a fully-equipped class-A lab. 

MBC BioLabs has three sites: 953 Indiana St. in San Francisco, a campus at 733 Industrial Rd. in San Carlos, and in May 2020, launched a brand new 30,000 square foot site at 930 Brittan ST, San Carlos. Each site has a complete molecular biology core facility that allows companies to keep their costs low from day one. The cores include, plate readers, qPCR, Biacore, FPLC, cell analysis and sorting, PCR, gel imager, and more. In addition to great facilities, MBC BioLabs has a lively environment with seminars, social events, partnerships with several innovative research technology companies, and a built-in VC, Mission Bay Capital.

About Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems develops and manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures. Widely recognized for optical precision and innovative technology, the company is one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning and super-resolution microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopy.

Leica Microsystems has six major plants and product development sites located in Wetzlar and Mannheim (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Heerbrugg (Switzerland), Morrisville (USA), and Singapore. The company is represented in over 100 countries, has sales and service organizations in 20 countries, and an international network of distribution partners. Its headquarters are located in Wetzlar, Germany. Leica Microsystems is part of Danaher.

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