MaxLite HighMax High Bay Fixtures Illuminate Beach Mold and Tool Manufacturing Plant

New Albany, Indiana - For more than 30 years, Beach Mold and Tool has produced injection molds, using high quality tooling while processing engineering resins in those molds. After building and processing thousands of injection molds with hundreds of different engineering resins, Beach Mold and Tool developed the highest quality large and small precision products found in business electronics, consumer appliances, medical devices, and automotive components. Manufacturing is vital to their core business. However, optimal task lighting is vital to their manufacturing, especially when the plant is running 24/7.

When Beach Mold and Tool retrofitted their manufacturing facility earlier this year, they chose MaxLite as their lighting manufacturer of choice. MaxLite's fixtures are used to illuminate a variety of departments within the factory, including contract manufacturing and assembly, decorative printing, injection molding, inspection and quality assurance, tool design and building.

Factory work is very tedious and challenging to perform effectively under bright metal halide lights. To address that challenge, MaxLite's HighMax® compact fluorescent luminaires were installed to produce a more visually comfortable illumination that is easier on employees' eyes because they offer a softer, more diffused light and render color at levels closer to natural light.

MaxLite replaced 200 existing 400-watt metal halide bulbs with 200 New HighBay 200-watt fluorescent lamps that use high wattage, self-ballasted CFLs (no external ballasts were required) and mogul sockets. Offering a 90 percent enhanced, high polished reflector for maximum lumen output and photometric efficiency, the HighMax fixtures are ideal for industrial lighting applications. Constructed of high-heat fluorescent U-bend tubes, the HighMax lamps are optimized for strength and longevity. These easy-to-install lamps also save on installation costs and time, and offer a nearly 60 percent reduction in energy consumption over the lifetime of the bulb, which can generate a return on investment (ROI) in about five months. The HighMax® lamps, which operate at a 5000K color temperature, have an excellent color rendering of 84, and deliver 12,000 maintained lumens throughout the lifetime of the 10,000-hour lamp.

"We needed to install the finest energy efficient lighting available during the retrofit project of our manufacturing facilities," said Roger Rickers, Maintenance Manager at Beach Mold and Tool. "MaxLite's high quality lighting ensures efficient production and operations, as well as safety and security, in our plant. MaxLite did a great job of supplying outstanding lighting fixtures that are energy efficient and deliver robust lighting in the areas that we need it the most."

MaxLite installed 100 six-lamp T8 Fluorescent HighBay Fixtures that use a high efficiency universal voltage ballast. Designed with a high polished reflector for maximum photometric efficiency and light output, the fixtures deliver outstanding illumination and general lighting for the facility. The fixtures were crafted of 20-gauge galvanized steel and were designed with knockouts on each end for motion sensor mounting. These fixtures were installed and mounted quickly and easily with the use of hooks and chains. MaxLite also replaced more than 300 fixtures composed of two 8-foot high output fluorescent lamps with four 4-foot MaxLite T8 Fluorescent Linear lamps.

"Beach Mold and Tool has been a great customer to work with," said Kim Kiesgen, MaxLite Vice President of Sales Central. "Roger Rickers has been very open to looking at the various options our sales rep Jake Yonkers and I presented, which have taken us from high bays to strip fixtures, and then to 2×4 lay-ins. The key to this project was our ability to provide Roger a one-stop-shopping opportunity, in which he was able to review the samples and lighting solutions."

MaxLite's energy efficient T8 lamps increased the foot candles by 25 percent and cut energy consumption by 50 percent. The XL Super T8 32-watt lamps, which operate at a 5000K-color temperature, deliver a high lumen output for strong illumination and are crafted with the finest blend of premium trichromatic rare earth phosphors. The lamps deliver 3200 lumens, have an excellent CRI (color rendering index) rating of 85, and a long life of 24,000 hours."

"All of our employees, executives and customers that tour the plant, love the powerful lighting," continued Mr. Rickers. "Although lighting is often out of sight, the clarity and definition that it delivers always help us to remember that our products, equipment and service are top of mind. In addition to offering optimal task lighting, the MaxLite fixtures have raised the level of safety and security in our workplace."

Utilizing MaxLite's state-of-the-art lighting, Beach Mold and Tool more effectively accomplishes contract requirements in assembly, testing, packaging, and distribution. Inside the facility, skilled technicians perform the manufacturing integration and testing required for producing a broad range of assemblies. Since speed and accuracy are vital in high-level automation and inventory control, high-power, high-quality general lighting and color rendering are important to their operation.

About Beach Mold and Tool

An industry leader for creating solutions for the most demanding application-specific products in the plastics industry, Beach Mold and Tool specializes in mold making and plastics processing. Customer applications vary from highly cosmetic, textured Class A surfaces to very demanding tight-tolerances for large and small precision products found in business electronics, consumer appliances, medical components and transportation equipment. Beach Mold & Tool has a formidable presence in the plastics industry, offering extensive capabilities in new product introductions, injection molding, contract manufacturing, worldwide warehousing and logistics. Developing logical solutions based on its inherent strength in engineering and technology for its global customer base, Beach Mold and Tool provides cost-effective products while striving to be a leader in the industry and its communities.

About MaxLite (

Inheriting global manufacturing and marketing expertise that dates back to 1955, MaxLite was one of the first movers into LED technology in the industry. Committed to energy efficiency as an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year in 2009, MaxLite established the MaxLED® brand, an extensive line of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures featuring innovative LED luminaires and lamps using the latest state-of-the-art LED technology, ranging from the award-winning Flat Panel collection, to the best-selling outdoor lineup, Plug-and-Play light bars and lamps.

Out of the company's two main distribution centers, conveniently located in West Caldwell, New Jersey and Rancho Cucamonga, California, MaxLite ships products within the continental United States within one to three days on standard orders. Through MaxLite's innovative research and development capabilities in its California office, MaxLite continues to be at the forefront of energy-efficient technologies. For more information about MaxLite and its products, call 800-555-5629, fax 973-244-7333, email, or tweet us at

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