MAPP's Benchmarking Conference Assists Injection Molders

Plastic injection molding companies as well as other plastics and rubber manufacturers will be converging on Indianapolis, Indiana for a couple days in October to attend the Bench Marking and Best Practices Conference themed "Road to Excellence". The conference is being sponsored by Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP), the only organization that works to provide plastics manufacturers with bottom line impacting programs & services.

This conference is designed to provide information to improve manufacturing operations and business tactics, increase sustainability, initiate best practices, and boost the all-important bottom line.

The conference includes best practice presentations with benchmarking information from the industry's best known sources of statistical information; the 2012 North America Survey of the Plastics Industry. The MAPP is known for providing stimulating and exciting programs that not only touch on important issues in the world of plastic injection molding but also the plastics and rubber market as a whole. This conference will address major issues and challenges faced by the industry, including their latest trends in leadership, equipment, marketing and the latest financial benchmarks.

Over 400 plastic professionals from around the US are expected to gather in Indianapolis, on October 11-12th for this year's event. "Road to Excellence" will debut some new formats to engage the attendees. The Ignite Session will have presenters conveying strategies and tactics that have invigorated their companies. During this quick hitting session, multiple presentations will be made in short 5-minute bursts. This is sure to kick things off with some excitement.

Meet The Schedules Speakers

Paul Akers: founder and president of FastCap LLC, a prolific inventor, and an author. His book, "2 Second Lean" is an inspirational read about the importance of lean culture, lean thinking, and lean manufacturing. Paul will share practical ways his company has implemented lean processes and the lean method of thinking.

Tom Connellan: author of the book, "The 1% Solution" which conveys that the difference between companies is no longer a wide gap, but just tenths of a percent. Tom will present actionable ideas for attendees to incorporate into daily practices on the plant floor.

Pedro Moya: is the Head of Industry for Manufacturing and Distribution at Google, and has served as Director of the Electrical Industry Group at NSK Ltd. A West Point graduate, Pedro specialty is managing the sales, engineering, and marketing team that supported clients in light industry markets (motors and drives, power tools, office automation).

Laurie Harbour: president of Harbour Results Inc. She has over 20 years of experience in benchmarking, operational assessments, performance enhancement and strategic planning. She will help teach you how to identify existing gaps and risks, and develop strategic transformation process to achieve sustainable improvements.

Steve Dyer: President and CEO, Steve Dyer of Dickten Masch Plastics, will share how his team was able to take what would have been a $4M dollar loss and turned it around to double their profits. Steve led his company through a re-brand of culture, a change in employee morale, and created a thriving workforce pool.

Troy Nix: an inspirational speaker with the goal of impacting each conference attendee, Troy's years of experience in working with manufacturing company leaders and his knowledge about the current business climate are incorporated to touch the heart and minds of industry professionals. Troy is dynamic and engaging plus he will break down and revisit some the issues from the last conference and they apply to today's climate.

Jeff Mengel: specializes in working with clients in the plastics and rubber industry, including plastic injection molders, mold builders and related services. Jeff has experience in operational and strategic planning, inventory control, scheduling, forecasting and costing, as well as tax planning and financial statement preparation.

"Road to Excellence" will be a must-attend event that will lead you to finding the balance of sales and marketing, workforce and growth, profits and loss is the key to success. Surrounded by manufacturing success and highly motivated sales and management teams from across the globe will provide a highly charged and informative weekend. Crescent Industries will be there striving for excellence alongside the other industry leaders in plastic injection molding.

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