MagnaValves Crucial to New Blast Cleaning Process for Foundries

Mishawaka, Indiana - (January 21, 2008) - The MagnaValve, a magnetic media valve manufactured by Electronics Inc., has been selected as the media valve of choice by the designer of a new blast cleaning process beneficial to foundries that produce hydraulic/pneumatic manifolds, valve/fitting bodies and transmission components.

Steven Carpenter, an engineer with extensive experience in the foundry industry, has patented a process that puts turbulence to work cleaning difficult-to-reach passages and highly-cored and deep components. In simple terms, the process uses two (2) or more opposing blast nozzles to impart reflective random energy to the blasting media at a chosen area. The process is ideal for working internal features and is capable of aggressively removing internal burrs, burned on/in sand, and leftover mold and core materials. With a conventional lance, much energy is lost because the abrasive is forced to turn an abrupt corner at the nozzle tip which decelerates the material. However, two opposing nozzles create a mushroom effect and gives the added
benefit of a 360° pattern, if desired.

The process has been incorporated into a reciprocating blast system call Recipro-Blast(TM) by Hammond Roto-Finish. "Hammond Roto-Finish chose the MagnaValve for the Recipro-Blast machines because it provides instant feedback and makes it easy to control media flow," said Mr. Carpenter. "Foundry maintenance crews love the MagnaValve because it's maintenance-free," he added.

MagnaValves use a strong permanent magnet and electro-magnet design to regulate the flow of steel shot in blast cleaning machines. When no power is applied to the MagnaValve, the permanent magnet stops all flow. With power applied, the magnetic field is neutralized and shot is allowed to flow through the valve. There are no moving parts in the MagnaValve so there is nothing to break or wear-out. The MagnaValves for wheel blast machines may be used with amperage control (no built-in sensor) or flow control using a built-in sensor. The MagnaValves used on air type machines have a built-in sensor to show the actual shot flow rate in lbs/minute or kg/minute. MagnaValves work with cast steel shot and grit, cut wire shot and stainless steel cut wire shot.

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